Landheim Training & Boarding

13200 109th Ave
Dyer, IN

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Excellent training program & fun

    by: lmajoch

    They offer all different kinds of training. You as the owner are being trained as well. I have taken my dog to puppy school, basic obedience, intermediate obedience. The area is bright and large and well worth the money. Both me and my dog learned a lot.


    large area to train in


    a bit pricey but worth it

  • 2. Great!

    by: awiarda

    Landheim is a great place for basic dog training. We took our dog to the puppy kindergarten & basic training. They seem a bit pricey at first but when you attend your first class, you'll soon realize it's worth it. The trainers are very knowledgeable & will not only break the dog of any bad habits, but owners too. Classes are fun & interative. They also encourage socalizing with the other dogs in class. In the puppy kindergarten class, they play "pass the puppy" which allows your puppy to get used to other people besides you. Great idea! After completion of basic training, you can move on to a different class, such as advanced training. Grooming services are also offered. They do a great job. Food, treats, toys, collars, leashes & other stuff is availabe as well. Haven't used their boarding yet.\r\nThe customer service is ok. They're a very, very busy/popular place so expect to wait a couple of minutes while they finish up with the previous person. You're always acknowledged though. :)


    Highly knowledgeable