Lake county animal control and shelter

28123 county road 561
Tavares, FL 32778
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Greatest Birthday Gift

    by: xprincesslizxo

    On my birthday I was down in Orlando with my boyfriend of 2 years and my best friend of 10 years, as I was down there my friend took me to this shelter/animal control too look at dogs that she was possibly going to adopt that day. Well turns out we saw Milli, at the very last cage. She was the most gorgeous pup I have ever seen. She was only in the shelter for about 30mins but I could tell that she shouldnt be there. As i asked questions to the lady at the front desk and she was very well educated on her type of personality, I knew I wanted her from the exact moment I saw her. She had told me that the lady dropped her off saying she was too much to handle and that she didnt want her anymore. I had to give her a try. So I received her as a birthday gift, and she was the greatest gift I have ever gotton. She is the perfect little angel, and she is exactly the type of dog for me. I love her with all my heart, and I thank the staff for being so educated on her and were taking such good care of her. She has been just the light of my life, and I would never give her up.


    They had many selective animals to choose from! and a very educated staff on all of the animals


    i have none

  • 2. Needs to be reviewed

    by: msbstam

    I've visited this facility many times and and have rescued 3 dogs. I have located several rescue groups that have been willing to adopt their animals but they euthanized them too soon before I could rescue them. They refuse to contact rescue groups, even though I have been contacted from Orange county animal shelter, alachua county animal shelters, lake county refuses to work with rescues. They would rather kill. I find that repulsive. It needs to be stopped. Why aren't you trying to save animals and your adoption fees are double than both Orange county and Alachua counties?




    many, they have 3 3mplyees to euthinize,why kill versus save