Lake city/columbia cty humane soc. animal shelter

P.o. box 58
Lake city, FL 32056
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Place

    by: julieMandy

    I have been vollentering there since Febuary and love everyone there. I have helped with fund raisers and any thing I can. They have a great turn around and finding homes for there animals


    Everyone there cares about the animals


    Not enough money

  • 2. Good Shelter

    by: Sheralina52

    I have dealt with this shelter for years.I have seen them start from the ground to where they are now & in my opinion,they are doing a great job.I live in the next county,but have talked with the owner,Margret Smith on several occassions about certain things & she has gone out of her way to help take care of things.Also I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Lake City & saw a dog ina parked car in the middle of summer,called this shelter,where some shelters such as OURS here in our town doesn't have this service,came to the rescue of this little dog before it died from heat exhaustion.Which is a BIG problem for people to understand...LEAVE the dog home when you go shopping!!!!! But this shelter doesn't MAKE you leave money when you drop off an animal,they ask for donations,which they deserve.They ALWAYS take what you bring,where the shelter in Lee turns you away! (But they have plenty of thrift stores to run don't they?)My husband donates money through United Way to this shelter in Lake City every year.Go visit them.Sometimes the desk help is a little rude I have seen,but I am sure they deal with a lot,as I have been behind the desk also at the shelter here in Live Oak once.It's very stressful & sometimes people don't understand.But?All in all I give this shelter the thumbs up!




    sad,but have to euthanise