Labahn Veterinary Hospital

4100 Kelley Hwy
Fort Smith, AR 72904

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. disgust

    by: sugarbear26

    This vet clinic says that they offer immediate emergency service. Well lets just say that by the rudeness of there front desk. When offering to provide a credit card which a check is depoisted to each month the front desk clerk said are you able to take care of your pets because you draw a monthly check well the last time i checked you dont have to be rich to have an animal. And for your bit of information madam or sir our animals are treated very well. And to think that people actually treat others this way. I am putting this up as a bit of information. When I offered my american direct card for them to hold and was talked to the way i was i find that offensive. Immediate vet assistance my ass.


    nothing good about this place