Knox-whitley animal shelter

3100 meadow creek road
Rockholds, KY 40759
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. They really care

    by: geminispringer

    Anytime I have ever dealt with, or visited the shelter, the staff have always been extremely nice and helpful. The seem to genuinely care about the animals and placing them in good homes.


    They really care for and are concerned about the animals


    I wish they could operate as a "no-kill" shelter

  • 2. they love the animals

    by: gibs7usa

    they care so much and keep an eye on the animals after adoption





  • 3. Unsung Heroes

    by: tgambrel

    After volunteering today at my local shelter, I wanted to do all I can to offer my assistance to the wonderful staff and animals at Knox - Whitley County Animal Shelter. As the Beta Club sponsor at a local high school, I have involved my club members in helping me achieve this goal. Today, we volunteered to clean cages, wash food bowls, walk and pet the animals. I found the staff and fellow volunteers to be helpful and considerate people who are dedicated to caring for the lost and abandoned animals in our neighborhoods. Unfortunately, their job is far bigger than their means. We have a huge problem with homeless animals in our county and those surrounding us, but thanks to these people, many find loving homes and families. I believe this shelter is worthy of praise for all they do to improve the lives of those left in their care, and I honor their service to their community. They are unsung heroes.


    This shelter has a helpful and caring staff.


    Unfortunately, this facility has far too many animals to house in limited space.