Knox county humane society

400 columbus road
Mount vernon, OH 43050
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Dedicated People!

    by: polyphemus

    Expanded facility and caring staff make this a great place for dogs and cats needed a temporary home. Our friends just adopted a great dog from the shelter-we were pleased to to see them to here first!


    Caring environment


    None known

  • 2. Nice bunch of folks

    by: peytonplace2001

    I have worked with Knox County Humane Society for over 6 years. Once our shelter got straightened around and was placing several dogs and expanded our prison program, I had pulled a few dogs from them. Or if they had a really nice dog who needed the training, I would rescue it and put it in the prison program.\n\nI know their volunteers go above and beyond to help the animals. One volunteer whom I worked closely with was Peggy. I know there were several times, she made trips to the east coast states with a van load of dogs/puppies to several shelters and rescues out there.\n\nWhat a group of folks.


    Nice, reliable



  • 3. Kitty Heaven!

    by: jjgifford

    The Knox County Humane Society is a fantastic place to volunteer or adopt. Cats are given the run of the place in a veritable kitty heaven. In a bid to save the lives of as many dogs as possible, dogs are pulled from the county shelter and transported to shelters and rescue groups throughout the northeast! Volunteers are dedicated, hard-working, and above all, caring people. And where else can you spay or neuter a cat for under $36? Excellent Organization!


    No-Kill, Great Services, Great Volunteers