Kitty angels of connecticut inc

Po box 476
Tolland, CT 06084

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  • 1. STAY AWAY From This Place!!!

    by: bigjmart

    Recently, my family and I fell in love with a male black cat at the local PetsMart store in Machester, CT. After inquiring about the adoption process and taking the phone interview, we were declined for telling them the cat would be an indoor cat. After 2 weeks I called back and said after discussing with my parents we would keep the cat indoors. I called them back and went through another semi interview process. The lady on the phone said I changed my story and they don't like that. Soon that night my parents for involved and talked to the shelter. They fill out an adoption application, then were rejected AGAIN! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. They drag the process on. This shelter needs to be shut down by the state for having rules that are just ridiculous. We have been cat owners for 30+ years and never had a problem getting a cat. We treat our cats like they are a person of the house (literally). Kitty Angels of CT make the adoption process enjoyably. I should have known better, any organization that PetsMart deals with is a low key "special" organization. The decision not to have the cat breaks my heart, and is a little bit of an insult. Im not sure if this organization has ever been sued before but I sure hope they have great lawyers working for them because by no means am I done fighting. I plan to take them to small claims court and put them though the rigorous, tiring, and sorry process they dragged us through. We love out cats to death, and find it a big insult to be turned down. With everyone in the family having a job, and me being a CEO of a company, I find no reason why. Were not short on funds, we own our house outright, we all went to school, were not dumb. But this organization is DUMB and RUDE. In fact the proper thing to do is report them to the state and have the state look into their adoption process. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. HAVE A QUESTION, GIVE ME A CALL... (860) 558 8160.


    Nothing At All


    Rude, Unprofessional, Takes Too Much Time, Wants Your Whole Life Story, Drags The Process, Makes It Unenjoyable