Kittleson S Lynn Dr Dvm

865 70th Street
Sherburn, MN 56171

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  • 1. She saved our Jake!

    by: bren

    We had taken our black lab to our regular vet, who by the way is very good, but not sure if he has the experience Doc Kittleson has. Jake had a pretty big mass in his pelvic canal near his rectum. It was not cancerous, but needed to be removed. Our regular vet said he could try to remove it, but it was in such a bad place that he said he would more then likely cut a nerve or muscle. He suggested we just put Jake down rather then have him suffer. We took Jake to Sherburn for a second opinion and she said bring him back in a couple days and I will do surgery. She removed the whole mass and Jake is back to himself again. Two things I would like to add..1) If you hear something you dont want to hear, get a second opinion, we thank God we did, and 2) Doc Kittleson gets all gold stars from us! She is great. Not to many people know that Elvis Presely had her flown to his house to save his brown chow. Guessing she is in her early 60's, but do not let that fool. She knows exactly what she is doing!!!