Kitsap humane society

9167 dickey road nw
Silverdale, WA 98383
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User Reviews (25)

  • 1. KHS

    by: PaigeBU

    I got one of my dogs from this place - there are a lot of animals being cared for and many of my friends have volunteered there. the place is kept very clean as well as the animals.


    lots of cute animals


    could always use more volunteers

  • 2. Great facility!

    by: rosaritah

    I found my min pin Cash on petfinder at this facility and immediately fell in love. The staff was helpful and they were very thorough in interviewing me to make sure I was a good match for him. I felt like they cared very much for each animal and gave individual attention as much as they could. I would recommend this shelter to anyone looking for a forever friend!


    Organized, helpful



  • 3. Friendly Voluteers at Kitsap Humane

    by: saveme22

    Kitsap Humane society has some of the friendliest volunteers this side of the west coast. From the equine volunteers to the pet outreach as well as the volunteer director Kate this shelter is one to get involved in. I myself volunteer and have for 8 years now.I enjoy the dog walking with my daughter and its a great bonding experience.


    Come adopt an animal at Kitsap Humane a friendly volunteer will assist you.


    Not always are the volunteers there in the a.m. hours more in the p.m. hours

  • 4. busy and crazy

    by: autumnspiritatplay

    My dealings with the shelter have been positive, as far as finding a wonderful animal to be a part of my family. \nHowever when it comes to renewing licenses, or doing the paperwork for adoptions it's frustrating as the counter area has a unclear flow of service. and the staff answers the phone and try to do too many things at the same time!!


    close to home


    office staff seem under staffed

  • 5. nice place

    by: renagirl

    where they care for an educated people about animals...


    cared for animals



  • 6. A good resource for adopting animals

    by: NGSingersMom

    All the animals I've ever adopted have come from the Kitsap Humane Society and while I've loved every animal I've visited or adopted from them, I believe the customer service could be improved. \r\n\r\nSeveral times I've gone and not been acknowledged upon arrival. Even if I stand right at the counter and clear my throat. \r\n\r\nOftentimes I'll go back to see the animals and return when it appears it's not so busy but will still have to be a bit aggressive to get someone's attention.\r\n\r\nThe repetitive task of filling out an "interest" form each time someone's interested in an animal is a bit redundant. \r\n\r\nOverall, I appreciate the services that are provided.


    Animals are well cared for, variety of animals to select


    Personnel are indifferent at times, busy

  • 7. this is awsome

    by: loveyapeople

    please get a chance ot check out this place. all my pets that i had were from this umain society. please check the place out. \r\n


    very good


    idont know

  • 8. Best Shelter Ever!!!!!

    by: iKitty

    I have adopted both of my cats and my dogs from this shelter and my dad and I volunteer there. The staff is so nice and there are so many volunteers. This shelter is a little messy but that can easily be fixed with the makeover.


    Great staff, volunteers, animals...


    A little messy

  • 9. I got one of my dogs here!!!!!!!

    by: penguinsaymoo

    The Humain Society is a great place to buy the pet you've been looking for. They have dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, guinea pigs, rats, almost every kind of pet. If your looking for a new family member, go to the Humain Society.\r\n


    When your buying a pet, you have a wide veriety of animals to choose from.


    Where the service desk area is, there are kittens, mice, guinea pigs and other small animals

  • 10. Great shelter!! I hope they win!

    by: baileymaggierocks

    We have only gotten our pooches from a pound, and this shelter is one of the best we have been to. Great staff, that is so helpful and nice. They have annual garage sales, auctions, etc to try and raise money for these would be great to see them win the $1 million!!


    Staff is so caring of the pets!


    Wish it could hold more pets

  • 11. Dog Lover turned Employee

    by: janellerosko

    Having moved here just a few months ago from Florida, I've honestly have never been inside a shelter. I've worked elsewhere in the field in vet clinics and as a pet sitter. My husband and I adopted our first pet together from KHS, an older dachshund named Rufus. He is our baby and we just adore him!!!!! My heart broke seeing all the other animals and wishing I could take them home. \r\n\r\nI am now an employee of KHS and 100% support all that it stands for. Just to know that I am playing a small role in caring for our animals means the world to me!!!!!\r\n\r\nCome check us out and see how YOU can help!!!!


    The amount of compassion and willingness to do whatever it takes to help animals


    Not enough space to accomodate animals

  • 12. helpful

    by: okieboysbaby

    i think they were extremely helpful with the adoption process. they answered all my questions and told me everything i need to know about the laws and everything.





  • 13. Great animal shelter

    by: Reeshee85

    The Kitsap Humane Society is a great place. The staff genuinely cares for each and every animal housed at the shelter. My husband and I got our first dog from the shelter and we could not be happier. Bella is the best dog, she's so well behaved! I attribute her good behavior to the fact that the humane society had her stay with foster parents for a while. They sure did teach her good manners!


    You can tell the staff cares for each and every animal at the shelter.


    There are tons of animals there, somewhat overcrowded.

  • 14. Great People!!!

    by: Heath75

    This is a great shelter! The staff is one of the friendliest, and most considerate staff that I have ever seen. You can deffinately tell that they have the best intentions for every pet that comes through there door!\r\n\r\nA special thanks to Sony, and the Kitsap shelter from me and Mutt!!!


    Great Staff!!


    older shelter, but they do the best with what they have!

  • 15. Kitsap Humane Society Needs Help!

    by: katgomm

    I found Gerta through and fell in love with her on a photo alone. However the shelter is 3.5 hrs. away. I made a couple of trips up to the shelter. It is a depressing place due to the lighting, the cages, etc. It really, really needs the $$$ to update and bring a lighter, cheery environment for the pets while they await new homes. It isn't ever easy seeing pets in the shelters, but at least the Portland Humane Society is such a nice place that you don't feel quite so sad and down when you are there. The staff are practically on top of each other and they need a much better layout and better space to better serve the customers. \n


    The Staff are very dedicated


    The faculities are in dire need of revamping

  • 16. If I could have more pets in housing I would adopt from here

    by: murphy8663

    I live in military housing and can only have 2 pets and I have my 2 babies already. If I could have more I certainly would adopt from KHS. I recently applied to work there but unfortunately the position was filled by the time I applied. :( I think the people there could be more friendly but you can't hold that against all the animals that need loving homes.


    i would adopt from there


    small space, lots of animals, no staff or volunteers talked to us at all, not even a hi

  • 17. kitsap humane society in silverdale

    by: joshnkelly

    The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. I enjoy going out there.




    a bit out of the way

  • 18. Wonderful

    by: springrhey

    I've had animals my entire life and KHS is by far the best humane society I have stepped foot into. They truly care about the welfare of the animals they receive and the staff there is top notch. We already have two cats so I don't see another in our future but if that changes we will be back and adopt from them again.


    Great staff



  • 19. wonderful shelter

    by: NahanniKodiak

    this shelter has been around for a long time, and it does need a make-over. its staff is caring, and they try their hardest to find homes for all the animals.


    their stafff members are caring


    bad location

  • 20. really nice

    by: Devin67

    Very nice place and helpful i also volenteer there and i lots of fun doing it


    Nice place to adopted from


    very busy

  • 21. i love my dog from this shelter

    by: mylissanichols

    the staff is very helpful and knowlegeable and it was suprisingly clean for an animal shelter.


    they try to find animals good homes


    i get sad when im in there

  • 22. Memories

    by: mismelissa07

    I have always enjoyed coming to the KHS, it’s a great way to spend time with my son, and take him to look at all the animals. I even remember when I was a bit older than him, and I used to go in with my dad. A lot of memories are in that Shelter.


    Fun place!


    Cant take home all the animals I want

  • 23. Wouldn't go anywhere else!

    by: chelisefan

    2 of our 3 wonderful kitties came to us through KHS (the third was our grandma's, a shelter kitty from Seattle). When it's time for our next family member, our first and only stop will be this fantastic organization. I'm also looking forward to becoming a foster-kitten mom in the near future once we move into our new place!



  • 24. They care

    by: rwobith

    this is a wonderful shelter and the staff relly care for the animals. they work hard to make shure they are comfortable and find good homes if you are looking for a friend this is the place to find your four legged buddy.


    Careing staff


    cats need space

  • 25. Thanks

    by: xxpeekaboogirlxx

    Great staff, really helpfull, Lots of great animals.


    Nice people


    Needs more room