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Marysville, PA 17053
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. A great vet!!

    by: kmkorth

    I have been taking my Labs to Dr. Kirmayer for over 5 years now and have had no problems. He treated my Chocolate Lab for a Mast Cell Tumor 2 years ago with great success and treated my late Yellow Lab, Duncan and did everything he could for him by referring me to a great neurologist and was there for Duncan's final moments. He is very thorough and seems to actually like my dogs and is always glad to see them. His staff knows me by name when I call (I don't call very often) and is always very pleasant. He can be a little pricey, but I feel confident that I get what I pay for.


    Always there to help and loves my dogs


    Waiting time and a little pricey


    by: Lisalil

    I have had really good experiences with these people...i was taking my husky/chow to another vet in loysville...will not mention his name,but he diagnosed her as having a urinary tract infection..without even touching he gave me antibiotics,i called a week later,she got worse,also was peeing when sleeping,he said she was old,but there was still blood int he urine,i asked him to do other tests,he basically refused,then after a month of going back and forth,i couldn't take it,i went to kirmayer,and within 20 minutes,he found a small tumor in her bladder,that he said was very treatable,and i had to make a decision that day or she could die,decided to ahve the surgey,well,due to dealing with that other bonehead...she was too weak to handle the surgery,and had a heart attack on the table....i was distraut and mad,he was mad..he helped me file a complaint against the other vet,and was very nice to me,about a week after she died,i recieved a sympathy card.also when my cat died from an intestinal tumor..he was 13 or 14,i also recieved very good care,and even though he passed at home,theysent a card for him also...\r\nyes,dr. kirmayer doesn't have a bedside manner like a doctor would,but this is a vet,and he tells you what's what..if he thinks it's not worth keeping the animal around to suffer he will tell you,i liek honesty over politeness any day,especially when it comes to health of me or my animals..\r\n





  • 3. Professional Vet????????

    by: jaa5600

    I would not take my worst enemy to this Vet. \r\nHis staff is very friendly and caring. As for him forget it. \r\nOur dog was diagnoised with cancer last April we tok him for the treatments, all was going well. \r\nThen the last time I took him he went down hill dramatically. \r\nThe Vet said he is doing great and responding to the treatments well. \r\nAt this point our sweet boy Jasper could not even get up to go to the bathroom, we had to pick him up and take him out as he yelped. He yelped trying to go to the bathroom. \r\nWe called the Vet and told him the situation he told us to bring him in. \r\nAt this point my husband and I pretty much made up our mind what we were going to do and that was to put Jasper out of his misery and no quality of life. \r\nThe Vet told us that he looks great as he is just laying on the floor helpless. \r\nHe said that he still has quality of life and wanted to give him the next treatment. \r\nWe took Jasper and left. We took him to his regular vet and he stated that Jasper is in fact suffering. \r\nWe decided to put our sweet boy down. \r\nDr. Kirmayer never called or sent a sympathy card (not knowing what we finally decided to do) \r\nWe honestly believe that he is just in it for the money. He has no bed side manner towards the sick animals. \r\nI would never take another animal of mine or recommend him to anyone, he is a SOB.


    Only Vet in the area that treats cancer


    Not personable and no bed side manner