Kipling Veterinary Hospital & Wellness Center

2095 South Oak Street
Lakewood, CO 80227

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. They go the distance

    by: usersuz

    I took my dog Sam to them when he was ill with terminal cancer. They treated him like a prince, giving him pain meds, treating him with acupuncture for residual pain, and driving to my house with their equipment when the time came to end his suffering. This last was accomplished quickly and efficiently, with respect for me and my beloved Sam. Now I have Maggie, and I take her in for her shots and regular care with them. The best part is knowing the vet really likes her, likes animals, and this is not just a business.


    They are both skilled and compassionate.


    none I can think of.

  • 2. Top Doctors and Staff

    by: debbiB

    The Drs. and staff are very knowledgeable and caring. If there is something that is beyond their field of experience, they're not afraid to refer out to somewhere that has more expertise.


    They REALLY care about your pet


    Possibly more expensive