King county animal control

21615 64th avenue south
Kent, WA 98032
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. My experience with King County Animal care and control

    by: KodiakandLayla

    So we adopted a 2 year old male cat from the shelter on Sunday, he had yet to be neutered so that had to be done obviously before we could bring him home. My husband picked him up tuessday night at 7 when he got off of work...when he got home he WREAKED of tomcat urine...which i didnt know was the smell, i have never owned cats..but he was clearly saturated in something and very very timid and afraid (probably normal due to the neutereing) so i called the vet the next day and asked why he smelled so badly and why they would send him home in that state, her responce was "well mam you DID adopt an older male cat...what did you expect?" i couldnt believe she was talking to me like i was an idiot...i said " i just want to know if there is anything i can bathe him with or anything to mask that odor" and she kept on with the "its tomcat urine theres nothing you can might go away within 30 days" then she said i could FEBREEZE HIM! are you kidding me? I was told that they neuter 40 cats a day..and that to me is horrible, it should be quaality not quantity I understand they are under staffed under funded what have you...but a little bit of care and kindness goes a long way in my book, and im very disapointed in this shelter...i cant say i wont adopt from them, because it makes me want to go save all those poor animals.


    SafER place for animals than streets


    Rude staff...the spay neutering process

  • 2. Great place

    by: TravisYates

    I love the king county animal control center but it needs a makeover


    Its clean and friendly


    Needs a makeover

  • 3. what a place

    by: lwhi2

    This is a great place it just needs some fixing up to help make it better


    It is really trying to help the animals


    to small, not very healthy

  • 4. haed times

    by: Fraggle

    I have never actually gotten a pet from pound. i usually just find people giving away few pets. but last Christmas, my older cat was on his last legs, and was in pain. we made the difficult choice to put him down. we took him to the shelter, and it was hard for me to let him go. when i handed him to the worker, she took him into a room and just left him there all by himself i was so mad. i would have rather waited with him until they were actually ready to put him down, rather than letting him spend his last few minutes of life by himself. it has been a year now and it still makes me mad. \r\n\r\non another note they were really helpful when my younger cat went missing. i went there every day looking for her hoping that someone found her and brought her there. they even let me put a picture in a binder, where people eho have found animals can look to see if someone is missing them. \r\n\r\ni think that some of the things that they do there are very poor, and the conditions of the cages for the pets are not that great. it does smell a little funny. this is why i believe that they need this makeover. they need to find more people to work there that actually care when a family comes in to let go of one of their family members. but they do work really hard to find homes for pets.


    they try and help all their animals


    not very sensitive

  • 5. We Can do it

    by: Tyerocks07

    This sheltar is amazing we really need this makeover so lets rack up those pionts lots of animals get adopted here it is so awesome


    The best place



  • 6. Really needs this

    by: acer29

    the animals shelter is great and they are doing goods things for the animals but it is just too small and it could really use the make over


    nice to pets


    way too small

  • 7. kent animal control

    by: Haleybum

    I think that the king county animal shelter is a very nice place. They have very friendly people there who really care about your animals. They have a lot of volunteers so the animals get out regularly. The only problem is that the shelter is really crowded. They have a lot of animals in a very small place. IT is small but they manage.


    they have yards out front where you can play with the dogs


    it is very small and it needs to be made over

  • 8. Big heart little resources

    by: metalinknpain

    From the outside this facility looks in pretty good shape however once you step in it is a totally different story. \nThey are overfilled with animals, cats especially. Dogs are housed in runs with many other dogs and there is only a handful of runs. The staff here is very caring and are doing the best they can with the resources they have. There are not enough people to provide the animals with the care they deserve. This place is in desperate need renovation and expansion to accommodate the animals they have. They have a great outside area where you can take your perspective adoption out to play to get a good feel of their personality and behavior. \n\nDespite their shortcomings I would recommend this facility to anyone looking to adopt. The animals have limited exposure and a short time to be adopted so please if you don't find the one you are looking for please keep checking back. I adopted my dog there and she is just the greatest companion I could ask for.


    Loving staff that tries hard, genuine love of animals, adoption, outside area


    small facility, lack of resources, overfilled and understaffed, lack of space,

  • 9. A mess

    by: PeterW

    Not the nicest of shelters, overcrowded and underfunded. Victim of politics in King County more than anything else.\r\n\r\nI could make lots of suggestions on ways they could improve, such as telling all 29(!) or so cities that contract with this ONE small shelter to get stuffed and take care of their own problems. Somehow it seems like the animals are getting the shaft here so that all the little cities in the area can save a few bucks on animal control. \r\n\r\nThe field staff is the stereotypical "animal hating dogcatcher" who needs to get some human interaction skills. You know, you really should expect the stupid questions people will have such as "will this stray cat with the popped eyeball be put down?" Rather than an eye roll and snotty comment, how about a gentle explaination to the teenager asking the question? \r\n\r\nThe management seems to be a bunch of idiots who were promoted so that the people who know what they are doing can get the work done or were policial appointees who provided some kind of oral service to the local political crooks.\r\n\r\nSome suggestions: How about a novel idea folks - Open the shelter to the public at times the public can go, such as on Sunday and during the evenings rather than right in the middle of the workday... oh yea, sorry, I forgot - that would inconvience the paid staff who's real job isn't about animals, it's about working as little as possible on the public dole.) \r\n\r\nHow about actually enforcing the licensing requirements? You know, drive around and pick up stray animals and make their owners license them? \r\n\r\nHow about making the licenses available through retail outlets, like the big chain pet stores so that people can pick them up at the counter instead of screwing around with the systems you have in place?\r\n\r\nThis place needs help, which is why I have chosen to use my points for them. The volunteers really are who save this place, and there are never enough of them.




    Paid staff and management

  • 10. Needs Resources!

    by: JPeter

    The shelter staff is doing the best they can with the resources they have but the shelter needs more resources and money to be able to provide the care the animals need. The shelter is vital to the community but needs aid in order for improvements to be made.


    Helpful staff, motivated volunteers, and good intentions


    Messy, run-down, underfunded, and unhealthy for animals.

  • 11. a pound with a big heart

    by: turnandburn

    this pound may not be the prettiest or best pound ever but they are definetly trying there hardest for the location they have to work with. i am a volunteer there and am very impressed by everyone's effort put into helping animals get into their forever home. the people and animals at this shelter deserve a new and better place to live and to work


    lots of volunteers trying there hardest


    too small, and unhealthy for animals

  • 12. Help the defenseless

    by: Feeze

    While the Kent animal shelter is under deplorable conditions, the staff have gone above and beyond to make a difference for the animals that would otherwise not have a chance. \r\n\r\nThe welfare of the animals is currently reliant on the two issues that we (the volunteers and staff) cannot influence - funding and the compassion of the public. People are not able to recognize the real cause of the suffering of these unfortunate animals. The longer they remain in the shelter, the more they are exposed to the feline / canine flu. The stress of being among the miaowing and howling alone is enough for the animals to succumb to these (airborne) illnesses. Visitors see that our animals are sick, and think that it is caused by our lack of care and concern. This is not true. The fact is, they remain alive, because the phenomenal care and unlimited concern of the staff. \r\n\r\nAs a volunteer, I ask you to look past the running noses and into the runny eyes, and see the plee.... They need your help!


    The staff provide all the services within (and without!) their limits.


    There is a shortage in space and staff, resulting in terrible living conditions for the animals.