Kincaid animal hospital

1602 blizzard dr
Parkersburg, WV 26101

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. terrible choice!

    by: irieiiya

    my 52 year old mother recently brought in her 2 year old cat because the cat wasn't eating after being treated with amoxicillin at this same clinic. my mother had been feeding her cat yogurt via syringe to avoid starvation. Doctor Sullivan verbally abused my mother in a loud manner while ''running tests," which took ten minutes. he railed on and on at her about her past due bill in front of everyone in the waiting room, while tears poured down her face. He then proceeded to tell her the cat had diabetes, and blamed my mother. She asked if Dr. Sullivan could help her cat get better, to which he continued screaming at her that her cat would be better put down because he didn't personally feel my mother could afford insulin. my mother was in tears the entire time he was screaming at her. she is a lonely woman who loved her cat more than dr. Sullivan could imagine. he took $70 from her that day and sent her home with a dead pet that likely only had temporary high sugar from not eating anything but yogurt. my mother is heartbroken still, and I am thoroughly outraged at dr. sullivan's bedside manner. financial concerns are a private matter and should not be discussed in a loud, cruel manner in front of other 'patients.' this man Sullivan is a monster and laughed in my mother's face while pocketing her money instead of consoling her, which is something any reasonable human would understand is not acceptable. Mom is still hasn't gotten over the pain of losing Purr, who was her bedside companion (my mother has health problems) and doctor Sullivan added public humiliation to that pain, as well as unnecessary financial burden. it doesn't cost nearly half as much to have an animal put down by necessity for a legitimate medical reason at other, cleaner, more professional vet hospitals in the area. this place has the feel of a musty dogfighting basement, and I wish I had been beside my mother to tell her that Purr deserved a second, more pet-oriented and less money-driven practitioner. To others thinking about coming here to save money - yes, most of their services are cheaper, but at the cost of yours and your pet's well-being. The staff at Kincaid's is ill-mannered and cranky, and the doctors are unforgivably disgusting of character. i suspect several of the other reviews to be ''canned'' and i know one of them is an associate/employee of this questionable business. check other review sites, please!


    i hear good things from dog and horse owners.


    ill-tempered staff, filthy office and pet kennel quarters, callous doctors

  • 2. An Asset To Parkersburg For Many Years

    by: mscindi2u

    I Have Taken All My Animals There Over The Years . They Are So Kind And Caring For The Animals And You. They Answer All Your Questions And Do Not Rush The Animals In And Out. They Will Work With You, On Being Able To Make Payments, So Your Pet May Get All The Medical Needs They Need Right There On The Spot. There Prices Have Always Been Very Reasonable. I Could Not Imagine Having A Pet And Not Having Kincaids In Their Life.


    Knowledge, Price, Care & Compassion



  • 3. Animal Care

    by: tarakay1

    We have had great experiences with this Vet. They are very good to write a prescription over the phone to save on office visits if able. They have convenient hours from morning til evening and only take walk-ins. Great advice and knowledge and are also very helpful with tips over the phone.


    Flexible Hours/Walk-Ins only



  • 4. Efficient care

    by: K8ATA

    Friendly and informative, they are also very patient, which seems to be somewhat uncommon in this area.


    flexible hours depending on needs


    can't think of any

  • 5. Caring

    by: washerman

    This staff tried everything to save my cat and was so caring.


    Great Staff



  • 6. They treat your pets as their own

    by: koala58

    The all of the staff is very freindly. They will take the time to help you when you don't need to see the vet. If they are unable to answer your question they will talk with the vet and get back with you. They fuss over your pets as if they are their own.


    They treat your pet as their own and take time with each pet. They take the time to answer your questions.


    Everybody loves him and the wait is longer when he is working

  • 7. 22 Years Of Excellent Care

    by: kengunn

    I owned two boxers for a total of 22 years. Many visits to their office and always received friendly, kind, effective and efficient care. \r\n\r\nI could tell that they were concerned about the care of my dogs and that they always took good care of them when I boarded them there.\r\n\r\nBoth my boxers loved going there, that told me all I needed to know about how they treated my dogs when I was away.\r\n\r\nKen


    A staff that cares


    Like any doctor office, sometimes busy

  • 8. Heard good, but bad as well

    by: iluvfancy

    I never use this facility, so I don't have experience with them, but have had inlaws that have. They took their dog there that was very ill, vet told them there was nothing was wrong and said they were treated rudely. Needless to say, the dog died the evening it came home from their office. I've heard good about them, yet I've heard lots of bad stories as well. From what I've been told, I'm too scared to take my cat there and try them.


    have heard good


    have heard just as much bad too

  • 9. Very accomodating

    by: smileygirl

    I like that I can take my pets there on a moment's notice. But since they are walk-ins only, sometimes you have to wait a long time before you get your turn. They are very reasonable in charges for services and often offer little extras. They are very kind and have helped me out in emergencies when my dogs have gotten into fights and needed stitches or wounds cleaned.


    no appointments necessary, reasonable fees,


    no appointments necessary

  • 10. i realy like this vet

    by: goodgirl1980

    over all i realy love this vet


    caring about all animals


    small office

  • 11. Kincaids

    by: gabbysmommy

    I took my dog here because of a reccommendation. They were very kind and made Gabby feel as comfortable as possible. After shots and getting her fixed I thought it would be an arm and a leg to pay- but they were SO well priced. They took very good care of her and by the time she left she made friends. I think my dog looks forward to the vet now! I would/do reccomend them to everyone I know!


    Very knowledgable, no appointment needed, reasonable pricing


    no appointments