Killeen animal control shelter

3118 commerce drive
Killeen, TX 76540

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Worst shelter...

    by: swedishkat

    I had my worst experience at the Killeen Animal Shelter EVER!! I saw a picture of my missing cat, but they euthanized him before I got there, even though I was on the phone with them saying I was on my way. They claimed that it wasn't my cat, but they didn't even keep the body, for me to make sure (identify) and said it was already "at the landfill" To this day...I STILL don't know...


    hopefully lots of animals get recued from there...


    Lying personel, not helpful in finding out the truth... :(

  • 2. Busy place

    by: memphisfields

    I adopted my Chiuaua from this shelter and the people were great. There were way to many dogs there that needed homes, some of the cages had 3 or 4 dogs in them. People were bringing in stray dogs left and right and it is obvious that they are strapped on space and assistance. I think that if more people volunteered and if the city hired more employees they would be great. I wish they were advertising these animals that are in the shelter and I dont know what the law says about soliciting adoptees. Over all though, I think they are doing good considering understaffing and over population.


    Convenient Location, Easy to find, Hours of Operation


    Way to many pets...

  • 3. Needs lots of work

    by: kathyskitties

    The animals that come in sometimes are injured and just get put in a cage without vet care. They suffer until they either die or get euthanized.\r\nThey are not good with records and if you adopt and the animal dies they will continue to send you tickets for not abiding by their policies by rabies shot or spay/neutering.\r\nThey are slow to answer calls about animal abuse or to do anything about it.


    clean, location


    no vet care

  • 4. shelters are so helpful

    by: gibs7usa

    shelters are so needed keep on helping all the animals in your community


    great place



  • 5. Saving animals

    by: lambrhondal

    It is so refreshing to see a satisfied customer dealing with a shelter. You are doing great work and keep on helping those little ones of your community.


    Working for the animals