Kent county spca

32 shelter circle
Camden, DE 19934
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. the shelter

    by: 1964silver

    I think this shelter needs to clean up better as the back trailers smell awful and it is not because there is to many animals it is because the volunteers do not do their job they stand around blabbing their mouths more than they do taking care of the shelter and animals Just because it is a kill shelter does not mean you do not take care of the bldg or the animal, Remember to sell an animal you have to show it comes from a clean facility and it has been kept clean and well fed I think they should take more pride in what they do and for what they try to do


    they keep anmals out of the street for a little while


    They knew nothing about ferrets and treated like they are leapers

  • 2. Great Place

    by: Era

    Kent County SPCA is a great place.\r\nThey do as much as they possibly can for their animals, but sadly not many people come on zootoo to support them.\r\nThey are great people who with the prize money could really do alot and expand the shelter :]


    Great people and animals are loved.


    Smallish shelter