Kennedy Off Leash Area

Hampden And South Dayton
Denver, CO 80231

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Decent Dog Park

    by: Alexz7272

    This park is not too bad. It is not very large and has random fake rock formations all over (not even the type dogs could or would want to play on). There is too separate sides to it, one for high energy which is the larger of the two and one smaller one for low energy. I personally really like that and they conveniently allow you to be able to switch from side to side through a gate so that you do not have to walk them all the way back out of the park and then in again. There is not lighting at all, so it can get pretty dark in the afternoon/evening. It is located next to a field of soccer fields, backs to a residential apartments/townhouse, and is across from the walmart, just meaning that it is a busy area with lots of cars if you have a puppy that might run away from you if they ever got out of the park. The worst thing for me is the parking, it is absolutely awful in terms of actual parking spots, but you can definitely off road a little or park a little farther away.Overall, not a horrible dog park if you want to squeeze a visit in really quick for you doggies before night fall, but not my regular by any means at all.


    Sand, off leash, two sided


    Small, no water, busy area, parking

  • 2. great park for dogs

    by: petdude

    a great place for our dog to get some exercise.


    dogs can run off leash



  • 3. off leash park

    by: pamdenver

    I had forgotten about this for quick walks. It is very close and easy to get to and park. No permit is needed\r\n


    very convient


    not very large