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Keller, TX 76244
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. the poorest shelter in one of the wealthiest cities

    by: stevegadd

    The first time I was in the city of Keller, it had dirt roads and hardly any economic presence. It also had an animal care room that was originally designed to be a closet. Today, Keller is extremely prosperous, has a heavy economic presence and tax base, large and well-traveled roads, but the animals' closet remains. Keller officials are more concerned with the appearance of their city and people than the suffering and comfort of their other citizens - the animals.


    what little staff there is seems to care


    too many to list

  • 2. Jonele

    by: Jonele

    As a former volunteer at this shelter I know it is a very inadaquite shelter. Too small, understaffed and filthy. There is no separation of sick and healthy animals. Disease runs rampant. Volunteers are not welcome at this shelter. It is ran by the police dept. that has no experience in running an animal shelter. The shelter does not provide spay/neutering, vaccines or testing of any of the animals. The adoption fee is only $20.00. There is no follow up on animals that were adopted. This just adds to the overpopulation of unwanted animals. This shelter needs to be closed.




    outdated and too small

  • 3. Debbie Weldon

    by: ddweldon

    The shelter has sick animals in the same area as well animals. Last May I say a cat that had discharge coming from its eyes and nose in a cage next to well cats. I also saw 2 puppies that couldn't control the movement of their heads. The puppies had different mothers. I later found out this can be caused from mothers being exposed to parvo during pregnancy. This was a horrible site. I still wonder what happened to both of these litters of puppies.


    The staff were friendly.


    The shelter is too small. Puppies got parvo from their mother's who were exposed when they were pregnant!

  • 4. Keller Shelter

    by: susie359

    Experienced staff doing the best job in Keller Texas.


    Two officers


    Need more money and more help!

  • 5. Jason Rocks

    by: doran359

    Keller has a great dedicated staff doing the best they can with a large diverse area to serve!




    it's a shelter

  • 6. Great Guys!

    by: 359doran

    The staff tries very hard to place all adoptable animals. They call all rescue groups and actively try to find homes. However, the shelter is very small and they serve a large area. The staff is responsive and caring. They are right on top of all abuse and neglect calls.


    Dedicated staff