Kay's animal shelter

2705 n. arlington heights road
Arlington heights, IL 60004
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. A FOR PROFIT pet store not rescue

    by: sparkil

    Reading just the first couple reviews I think some things about Kay's needs to be understood.... Kays is a FOR PROFIT pet store. Sure, it looks like a shelter would but that check you are donating in order to go home with a new dog or cat goes right into good ol' kays pocket for anything they would like...this is why the place is not updated and it is gross. The dogs i see that come from Kay's are dirty, stinky dogs. Most of the dogs there are puppies because those are the money makers. I know this due to working in the rescue industry and other animal outlets. It is a wide known fact and Kay's name makes most rescue workers skin crawl. This pet store is NOT a SHELTER and please stop thinking it is!


    Sheltering animals


    for profit

  • 2. Very Polite

    by: angelwbrokenwings

    It's a very small family run business, The people there seem to really care about the animals and are always kind to the people who come in. Saturdays there are so busy that you literally can't get in the door. I wish they had the money to update the building.


    Always kind


    building is very old

  • 3. Great people & great shelter stands out above the rest!

    by: Bryjulalymicdan

    Great people & very inexpensive! Top notch care for the animals & you. Limited hours as all shelters are, which is expected. We arrived at the end of the day & it was "stinky" says the kids. At the end of the shift, I'm stinky too! Maintained very well, a small facility w/limited space. Gave us a great pup w/up to date shots, microchip, free visit+spay at Wheeling animal hospital, a goodie bag stuffed w/toys, treats, blankey,leash,collar..I mean they bend over backwards to make you happy! They followed approval procedures politely & enforcing correct ID, lease, bills,etc. This place is a little pot of gold for animal lovers!! They offer a return policy to help ill animals if adopted by them within 30 days, which is outstanding! Really looking out for the well being of these animals!! I highly recommend them!! The bad thing is the location is hard to find w/tight parking. On Hintz at the n/e corner of Hintz n' Arlington Heights Road. We adopted a beautiful Beagle n' Australian Shepard mix that is just the perfect puppy! We love Valentine & will look to Kay's again in the future!!


    Great People!! Kind & courteous!!


    Hard to find parking lot is small driveway on N/E Hintz n Arlington Heights Road