Kansas humane society

4218 southeast blvd
Wichita, KS 67210
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. place of hope

    by: karlawalters

    I have adopted from this shelter and I think it is run well and they try their best.


    very good place



  • 2. Great option when looking for your next pet!

    by: hrandall

    I believe the KHS does an amazing job in fundraising, pet care, client education & adoptions.


    fantastic adoption facility


    does not offer services for large animals

  • 3. I thought it was nice, but these other reviews...

    by: ibelieve783

    I adopted my Zoey from here. She was spayed way too early, and this left her with a infectious lump for about two months. She also had an umbilical hernia which my vet told me should have been removed at the surgery. I called the shelter to ask them about this, and they said that there was no umbilical hernia at the time of surgery. They had shaved right over it!!\n\nOtherwise, I am just impressed my how nice and welcoming the property is. It seems very clean as well. But now I'm reading these reviews about animals not even getting a chance to get adopted. I'm not sure I feel anymore.\n\nAnother thing I do like about the shelter is that it is easy to adopt. You just need an ID really. You don't need to bring your entire family and your cell phone bill and have them come to your house and receive a letter from your landlord. And of course, this enables the not-so-good people to adopt, but it encourages so many others to get their puppies from here and not from the puppy-mill supporting Pet Land.


    Very clean building, and well-managed website


    They kill animals without allowing them onto the adoption floor???!?!

  • 4. wonderful shelter

    by: KudKakes

    I have been there twice. Once to look at the dogs for adoption and then the second to adopt my little girl. When I was there the people where very nice. And they knew what they were talking about. Seemed like they really cared who was taking home the pet. They wanted to make sure the puppy was going to a good home. They love and care for the animals there. They are planning on making an extension so the dogs have more running room when they go out. The plans are on their site and it looks like it's going to be very nice. My thoughts are that they really seem to care about the animals there.


    Friendly and caring staff, Roomy, And they took good care of the animals there


    Needs a little more room for the puppies but they are planning on making an extension

  • 5. I love this organization!

    by: sandipetee

    Kansas Humane Society is a fantastic organization. They do a lot for and in their community. They help thousands of animals and also other animal organizations. They help animals from all over the state of Kansas, not just the Wichita area. They have a great volunteer corps and hundreds of dedicated supporters. I can't wait for them to get their much deserved new facility!


    This is a fantastice organization- they do great things for aniimals!


    Need a new building