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Kalamazoo co animal services

2500 lake st.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048
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User Reviews (46)

  • 1. KZoo Animal Shelter

    by: fennbill

    GReat people - facility adequate given the committment of the staff, and they obviously put in a LOT of work to make the facility, well, work. A new facility is needed!


    Staff Committment


    Barely Adequate Facility

  • 2. way to go

    by: petsmylife

    We have family in MI way to go and good luck only true animal lovers can put forth this kind of love.


    good heart!


    NONE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3. Caring staff and happy animals

    by: Chelicerael

    I love this place. The first time I was there, I was allowed to walk a dog named Juicy, and give him biscuits as treats. \r\n\r\nThere are hand sanitizers located all over the place, and people are for the most part allowed into all the rooms to look at the animals unsupervised. There usually are a few volunteers around just to keep an eye on things, but unlike the SPCA in Kalamazoo, the volunteers do not make you feel rushed and scrutinized. The volunteers are also very friendly and are terrific about answering questions.\r\n\r\nAll the animals have a bio sheet outside their cage, similar to a printout from petfinder that details the animal's age, breed, name, and sometimes personality. Animals that are less socialized are separated into a corner or a separate room, and large red CAUTION DO NOT TOUCH signs are hung outside their cages. \r\n\r\nCats that come in are kept for about a week to allow their owners to find them. After the week is up, the cat is open for adoption. \r\n\r\nThe second time I visited this shelter, I adopted a cat, and after a week of waiting, I came in at noon to pay for the him ($87 -vaccinations, tests, microchip, neutering), the shelter explained the whole process clearly and sent the cat off to the vet for castration. It was helpful to have our cat carrier at the ready, because they needed that to tranport the cat to the offsite vet. \r\n\r\nThe vet called the same evening, and our cat was home by 8 PM. \r\n\r\nThis shelter also has handy adoption packets filled with useful information for the new owner. It has coupons for cat food, and a free sample of dry cat food.\r\n\r\nThe shelter feeds their animals whatever brand food that is donated, so your new cat will probably not be picky about their next meal. I could start my cat on a healthy diet (less scent in food might turn off some cats) without any problems.\r\n\r\nI recommend this shelter with all my heart, and hope that if you are considering adopting an animal, that you will make the Kalamazoo County Animal Shelter your first and only choice!


    Cheap adoptions fees, warm staff, clear information, interactive possibility with animals


    Will euthanize animals when space is limited

  • 4. Save our Strays

    by: dizzylizzy

    I have called these guys on a few different occasions. They are helpful. I wish they could be a no kill shelter. They recently helped a friend of mine and she was very appreciative because she did not know where else to turn. They helped me when I needed to put down my cat and did not have the funds to pay my vet. Thanks for all you do.


    helpful to kalamazoo residents


    not able to save all the animals, hours not always convenient

  • 5. God bless

    by: KongoKayla

    Both of my dogs are from kal. Animial services. Kongo and Kayla are wonderful additions to our family. They are both black dogs. Kayla is a pit mix. These factors worked against them surviving a stay at animal control. They were both there over 20 days. This is an important fact that shows how hard the staff works. My dogs are wonderful adoptable animals that were fought for. They could have been put down after 7 days if they had been in a shelter that didn't care. Thank you for the extra love and attention you give while doing a very hard job. I don't think I could do it. We walked out of there changed people. We volunteer for animal rescue. We started at animal control events and walking dogs, but unfortunately that was too much reality for my kids. now we help at the SPCA. They animals there are all rescued from death row at animal control shelters. For every dog we place in a good home with the SPCA another gets saved. We even made an animal rescue website in honor of our Kalamazoo animal Services dogs.. www.kongoandkayla.com \r\nthanks for all you do!


    they love animals and do everything they can to help


    they have to do the dirty work to deal with overpopulation

  • 6. A well run shelter!

    by: grneydldy37

    The Kalamazoo County animal shelter is full of caring people who do a great job with all the work that needs to be done there. From the volunteers to the staff, everybody works super hard. I know a new building would be awesome, and is truely needed for proper care for the growing numbers of animals. They make an extra effort in being there for the many animals with out destroying them as soon as they come in & that are abandoned, neglected, stray, or not wanted {Pliving creatures} due to people thinking they want a pet but never really take into consideration they are not just something to have, but a friend needing the same neccessaties a child would.


    Clean & Friendly


    Needs more space, especially to exercise the animals

  • 7. Thank you for all your hard work!

    by: shei34

    Thank you for taking such great care of the animals at your shelter. You are doing an awesome job! Good luck with the makeover!!!


    great care for the animals


    needs a good makeover

  • 8. Thank you for the job you do

    by: muttlvr

    I am really impressed with the dedication of your staff and volunteers. I know it's an incredibly difficult job, but you seem to be keeping the morale up. And the animals need you.


    Impressive volunteer base


    None noted

  • 9. A great place to work, a great place to adopt

    by: catmoongirl

    I volunteered at this shelter over the summer and I must say it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I adopted my cat from this shelter as well, she was fixed and declawed and even had a flea collar. I wanted to give her a second chance, and the shelter was more than happy to let me do so. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the cages are kept clean and organized. Sometimes the general animal smell was a bit stronger on hot humid days, but it was a small price to pay to be able to interact with so many lovely creatures. Most of the animals were friendly and happy and received a good amount of love and interaction, from both staff and visitors alike.


    Great staff, kind people, good organization


    bad smell on hot days

  • 10. Thumbs Up!

    by: lambrhondal

    Often when I have a few extra minutes, I read what other shelters are doing. When I am impressed by one, I write a few words that come from my heart. I am very impressed with all the comments being so positive about the people who care about and for the animals. My personal experience has not always been positive so I am so glad when I hear from many sources that the animals of your county have a chance. Keep up the good work and keep on helping those furbabies!


    Takes in the lost, homeless and abandoned



  • 11. Many pros and cons

    by: tpalmer78

    About 3 yrs ago I saw our dog Buster on the news - he wasn't our dog at the time - he was being advertised for adoption. His name at the time was Rick. Someone had just dropped him off in the outdoor kennel overnight so we really have no knowledge of his previous life. He is a yellow lab and hound mix and is the sweetest, smartest, most loving dog (and my other 3 are pretty darn sweet, smart, and loving too - but Buster wins) and whoever gave him up is missing out! Buster was one of Steve's favorites and he knew it. When my husband went to adopt Buster, Buster gave Steve a hug good-bye. Steve and the staff there knew what a special dog Buster was and spared his life I'm sure several times over; Buster was there for a lot longer than the 7 day requirement and for some reason was so hard to adopt out - he was taken to hockey games and other events but no one wanted him - probably because he's a bigger dog.\r\n\r\nI understand their job there is very difficult and saddening - I can't imagine being strong enough to do it. I do however, know that Steve loves the animals an awful lot - I see him kiss every dog he brings on the news. Although, I don't agree with euthenization, it has become a somewhat neccessary evil because people who don't spay or neuter their animals continue to overpopulate and there are only so many good homes for all these animals. It's just so sad that good animals die just because their time is up or there isn't enough space. I do appreciate the service of the animal control rescuing animals from rotten owners and dealing with the horrible scenes they must encounter every day. Too bad we couldn't treat the people the way they treat their animals.


    I adopted the best dog ever from there!


    I hate that good dogs have to be euthenized

  • 12. please adopt!

    by: tigerrr6

    I adopted the most incredible dog from KCAS - she's wonderful! The staff is incredibly caring and everyone wants to do as much as they can to help, hoping to help them out, too!


    everyone is very nice and looking to help the animals


    it could sure use a makeover for how big it is!

  • 13. The animal shelter really needs help!

    by: SomeoneCares

    The Animal shelter is doing the best possible job for all the poor animals in Kalamazoo County that have no home. The new shelter will be a blessing to everyone - especially the animals, volunteers and staff.


    It is doing the best it can do!


    old and too small

  • 14. great service

    by: jeannielee

    great service. very professional





  • 15. Sounds Likes A Good Place For Animals In Need

    by: Switch

    It's great to have a nice shelter for animals who need a safe place to stay where they will be properly cared for untill they can find a permanent home. We need such a place where I live, the animals in my community do not get a fair chance. I feel so bad for them and wish I could do more.


    Seems like a nice place


    No Complaints

  • 16. Very impressed with this shelter!

    by: Bailiesmom

    I adopted my cat from here 10 years ago. I am so impressed with the progress that they have made since then! On site vet care for the animals is almost unheard of. They seem to really be trying to do the best for the animals of Kalamazoo County. Very impressive. Sure wish they would send some of those ideas one county west!


    On site vet care.


    Still a kill shelter.

  • 17. Amazing Place

    by: Drefansmom

    They are fairly clean and very helpful. I just wish they didn't have to euthanize. They don't have the funding to medicate and treat every animal tho.


    They do what they can to help.


    They euthanize.


    by: makenna






  • 19. Happy Cats

    by: jjscats

    I know that the employees have a hard job to do having to see all those homeless animals everyday. However, it doesn't warrent their attitudes. I have adopted two cats now, which I love, and have been in the shelter many times. Every time I am there the staff is rarely available for you to ask questions to or let pets out, when they are available they are very short with you and to honest it is frustrating to even go in there. They do as I said before have a difficult job, but they could afford to get better attitudes. I don't feel like they even cared that I was adopting a pet... I would expect them to be grateful for the animal and happy for me... but they weren't. ugh.


    Process of adoption is quick... fall in love and take it home!


    Depressing Environment.

  • 20. Volunteers and staff have a tough job...

    by: sarahandthebully

    The individuals who work here have big hearts- I know many staff and volunteers spend time outside of work trying to place the dogs or adopt out the dogs. I work with two local rescue groups and have had great experience in partnering with the shelter. Great job everyone and the points are well-deserved!!


    Tries to do a lot with the community as far as placing the dogs.


    Too small and cramped, and the dogs may not get enough exercise...

  • 21. Thank you

    by: meggys

    You should be proud of the work that you do for the animals in your community.


    wonderful shelter



  • 22. Love this place

    by: jessalyn28

    On November 28th I adopted a Black Lab Terrier Mix. He is the best little guy. The staff was wonderful through the adoption process. The place is very clean and as hard as they try by having a separate nursery for the pups and they have hand sanitizer kennel cough can still get around. I think that if they had a newer facility that was planned a bit better they would be able to take care of that even better. My Gratch is doing fine now because they offer a free vet visit within 48 hours after adoption. If you need a pet GO HERE!!


    Amazing staff, great service, and awesome opportunities


    WE really need a new facility

  • 23. Great Shelter

    by: b1myers2

    The services provided are great and the interaction with the community, such as the internship with WMU, is amazing. As is the case with most shelters space is always an issue and the staff would probably benefit greatly from getting enough space to become a functional no-kill shelter as I'm sure the volume of animals that go through there is wearing to all the animal lovers who are employed there.


    Considerate Staff, Works Well With Community


    Space, Volume of Pets

  • 24. We need a makeover

    by: jtdenison

    From what I have been told my some rescue orgainizations is there is not a proper ventilation system and many dogs come out sick due to being exposed to other sick dogs...also I don't believe it has air conditioning for the hot summer months..


    great staff


    no ventilation system

  • 25. Doing the best they can

    by: 8apple

    This shelter obviously has people who care for animals. They are doing everything in their power to save the animals that come through their doors. Unfortunately, they have very limited space and can't keep every animal indefinitely. Help them out and adopt an animal or donate goods -- you can find out their needs by calling or checking out their website.


    Doing the best they can with limited finances


    Need a new facility

  • 26. Woof meow

    by: zwhitron

    I recently had a chance to visit the shelter and noticed they move the cats in a separate room. This must help the cats stress level not having to be in the same room as the dogs. The place was clean and they were some empty cages. However, some dogs were way yo big for the cages and the place is rather small.\n\nI can see why the shelter needs a renovation. It needs to be set up so that people feel comfortable choosing a pet. \n\nI met the director and I think he is doing a good job with what he has. I hope the future of abandoned animals in Kalamazoo is brighter under his leadership and the new shelter.


    Located close to downtown Kalamazoo


    Small facility

  • 27. Impressed

    by: sera

    I am really impressed at the amount of points this shelter has earned. They must have many people in the community who are willing to help their animals :)





  • 28. impressed

    by: ksbt

    kudos to you all for doing the best one can do in tight quarters!




    as always....not enough funds

  • 29. Great adoption agency

    by: ggood

    I have adopted two dogs through Kalamazoo Co Animal Services - one 14 years ago, and one last year.\n\nIn both cases they checked us out thoroughly, and made us aware of any issues with the dogs.\n\nI would recommend them most highly.


    really committed volunteers, great job matching pets with families


    sometimes a little slow to respond to inquiries

  • 30. Excellent Shelter!

    by: mandy747

    Since Mr. Lawrence took over, KAS has dramatically improved. The professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness is wonderful.


    informative staff


    old facility

  • 31. The people here clearly care about the animals

    by: RichStoops

    The people here do the best they can with what they have and clearly genuinely love the animals in their care. I truly hope you all are able to win much-needed money for your shelter. Keep up the awesome work!


    Lots of love for the homeless animals


    No dogs should be in a cage

  • 32. Wasn't designed to be a public animal shelter....

    by: Maddi

    A fairly recent news article about Kzoo Co Animal Services mentioned that the facility was never designed to be a public shelter. It was only meant to house overflow animals for short periods of time. As a result, the facility is ALWAYS tight on space. Not only because of the very limited number of cages, but the cage space itself. At times there are so many dogs that 60 or 70lb dogs are forced to be housed in tiny crate - sized cages for multiple weeks. They can barely stand up or turn around! I have never been to a shelter and seen animals living in tighter conditions. And as a result of such cramped space, virtually every dog that comes through gets sick. The staff seem like they do everything they can to help the animals, but they can only do so much with the facility they have. If any shelter needs a million dollars, it is definitely this one.


    Great staff



  • 33. What a great place!

    by: Wrifton

    We are fortunate to have a facility to take care of these animals in our area. Many counties do not even have animal shelters such as this. Thanks for all you do!


    The great staff



  • 34. Bailey

    by: michaelmer

    I would like to say thank you to Kalamazoo Animal Shelter. Because of their big hearts at providing animals with a second chance. I was able to find Bailey. Lucky for her the shelter needed more room so they had set up extra cages in the back garage area. She had also been abused puppy. But when I found her the staff was working w/ her not to be so frightened.




    needs more room

  • 35. Very Helpful and Understanding

    by: Dtry1

    When I lost one of my cats (Leo). I would go down to the shelter at least twice a week to look for him. The staff was very helpful and understanding. I was able to put his picture up, with a discription. In fact, a cat came in that sorta looked like him and had similar markings. They called me at home, so I come down to confirm if it was him or not. This touched me tremendously, that they cared enough to help me in trying to find him.


    Very clean and a great understanding staff


    Very small and out dated

  • 36. Kalamazoo County Animal Services Make-Over

    by: bailey

    All of the people who donate their time and energy to the shelter at animal services are wonderful! Unfortunately, there are far too many animals in need of loving homes, and not even close to enough space. I'd love to see this shelter be able to receive a much-deserved make-over to help better accomodate all of the amazing animals!


    The staff and volunteers are wonderful!


    There just isn't enough space to care for the countless animals that are in need of help...

  • 37. Very caring shelter

    by: kendalyn1

    The Kalamazoo County animal shelter is full of caring people who do a great job. From the volunteers to the staff, everybody works hard. A new building would be awesome though.


    Great staff that really care for the animals


    Need a better building

  • 38. helpful

    by: BetsyThorson

    I am a kalamazoo county resident and have not been able to afford to euthanize a couple of my pets. I am thankful that as a resident I can have this service at no cost-At least that was the case 5 years ago when I needed this service. \r\nI am thankful that they have the cable show to try to get animals adopted.


    free services


    not a no kill shelter

  • 39. County facility

    by: Mister

    The shelter has come along way in the last 5 years. They try very hard to meet the needs of the community.


    hard working people


    limited resources

  • 40. Good luck

    by: BeckyS

    Looks like everyone in your community is pulling together to get this done! Good luck!





  • 41. Open your hearts

    by: Kittyluv

    I volunteer on Weds nights with SOS to take pictures of the cats. It is enjoyable to know im doing what i can to help these wonderful cats find loving homes and that i am assisting Animal services. Everyone that works there on a daily basis have one of the hardest jobs there are. I dont think they get the credit that they should. It is hard to know that most of the animals that come thro there are put to sleep, but I know the staff does everything they can to help them find homes instead. Some day I hope to know that with the new shelter that maybe less will be killed and more will find good homes.


    Friendly , helpful staff


    Small and cramped

  • 42. Under appreciated staff work tirelessly

    by: stumpykid

    This facility has a knowledgeable and caring staff that work very hard to provide the stray animals of Kalamazoo County with the best possible care, and they do it with an out-of-date facility that is way too small for the volume of animals they see. Also, there is a small army of volunteers that come in here on a daily basis to walk the dogs and try to make their stay as comfortable as possible. And best of all, they have a group of student volunteers that come in and train the dogs here, teaching them basic obedience and manners to improve their adopt-ability.


    Great and caring staff, including several volunteers trying to give the animals here the best chance for a future.


    The facility is out-of-date and small, which makes it hard for the staff to do the job at the level they and the animals deserve.

  • 43. very helpful caring people

    by: buniesrbest

    very nice people work here.\r\nwe lost our cat and the shelter was very\r\nconserned that she was lost.\r\nthey were more than happy to put our info\r\non our cat in their computer system.\r\nthey even found a cat that almost matched her \r\ndescription and asked if the picture was her.\r\n


    helpful caring people


    small space for animals to be in

  • 44. volunteer work

    by: petlovr

    I am an Adoption Counselor volunteer. I volunteer once a month on a Wednesday evening. I love volunteering at the shelter! The staff and other volunteers are always friendly and cheerful, and the animals love it when we take them out of their cages and cuddle with them or take them for a walk in the hallway. The animals like to show off for people too. The saddest part of volunteering is knowing that many of the animals, if not adopted, are put to sleep. The staff at the shelter try their hardest to get the animals homes. They contact rescues, fosters, and other shelters, but sometimes the rescues and other shelters cannot take the animal. As a volunteer, I help people as much as I can with finding the right animal for them to adopt. I increase my knowledge on the different breeds of dogs by doing research on the internet. I love it when someone adopts an animal that is on the critical list. It just makes me happy to know that the dog or cat that was going to be put to sleep, probably the next day, will be going home to a loving family instead.


    very clean, animals are well cared for, friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers


    knowing that some of the animals there will end up being euthanized

  • 45. A very caring shelter

    by: blawrence

    The Kalamazoo County Animal services staff are the most caring and dedicated group of people. The job they do every day is very difficult. They work in a shelter that is too small and outdated. They have, however, made it as nice and comfortable as possible for the animals, as well as the public. They need more community support to help reach their goal for a new state of the art shelter. Thanks KCAS for all you do!!!


    the staff



  • 46. Above the call of duty

    by: moxywonder

    This shelter provides stray, abandoned, unwanted, sick, injured and aggressive animals a safe and dry environment and regular meals and water when society has given up on them.\r\n\r\nAdoptable animals are given a second chance with an affectionate and caring staff, and animals that don't make out, spend thier last days fed, watered, and cared for.\r\n\r\nThis is a government shelter, and is the ONLY stray animal shelter in Kalamazoo County. It is also the ONLY Animal Law Enforcement agency in Kalamazoo County.\r\n\r\nStop in and take a look. You just might find your next best friend.


    Humane Law Enforcement


    Government budget = they need a lot of donations