Kalamazoo Animal Hospital

104 West Cork Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Been taking my dogs there for years

    by: tpalmer78

    I have taken my dogs there for years. I have always felt that they truly care about the health of them. I haven't ever been pushed to do one thing or another, but have been given good suggestions and recommendations. One of my dogs has to go in once a month for anal gland cleaning and they always remember him and say what a good boy he is. I have always thought they have a good "bedside manner" with my dogs - they are gentle and kind. Additionally, they are pretty easy to get an appoinment with. I do wish they were a participating vet office with the SPCA of SW Michigan since both places are located in such close proximity - it would be wonderful for the SPCA to have such convenience if need be.


    Good to my dogs


    Not a participating office with SPCA of SW Michgan

  • 2. Caring Staff

    by: jeni2671

    Last month we found out that our Golden Retriever Sunnie was diagnosed with bone cancer. It was devastating to our family. Our treatment options were to try several pain medications to try and make our dog comfortable. It seemed that none of the pain meds were working and therefore, it was decided that it was best to put our pet down. It was a hard decision but the best one. During the entire process, the vets and staff were wonderful. They took the time to talk with us and explain everthing in detail. They were sympathetic and caring. The actual day we had to put our pet down was one of the hardest days of our lives but the staff made it easier on us. Thank you all. You're the best.\r\n\r\nJennifer Baker\r\nPortage


    The staff takes time with you and your pets


    Can't think of any

  • 3. Very Caring!

    by: Drefansmom

    These people are wonderful and helpful. They go out of their way to make sure your pet becomes healthy.


    VERY knowledgeable


    VERY expensive

  • 4. Great place, but expensive

    by: jessalyn28

    I had a Tomato Frog that had a skin infection and they gave me a cream for it. He survived which is unusual since amphibians live by their skin, but it was an outrageous price for the 5 minutes I saw them.


    Knows exotic animals


    Charges ALOT for exotic animals

  • 5. not bad

    by: ednlaura

    are st. had two dew claws on her and when we took her to get fixed the vets said two different things one said that she had to have them removed another said they would be fine then she had to have them removed and they told us to unwrap them to early and now my beautiful st has nasty scars on her feet they look like she had butterflied pork chops for feet she heeled ok but the scars are still big


    good with lilly


    butchered her feet

  • 6. Great people to have 24/7

    by: officer27

    What do you do when something happens to your best friend on the weekends or holidays when your vet is not open? We are lucky enough to have these people. they know there stuff and your pet is in good hands.


    Open 24/7



  • 7. Joint replacements for dogs!

    by: ggood

    These folks are wonderful. I have a 35 lb mutt who blew out her knee in the back yard.\n\n A little fishing monofilament, a couple bucks, and you'd never know she had a bad knee. For three weeks, she wouldn't touch her toe, but when she found out it didn't hurt, there she goes.\n\nAmazing!


    gave my dog new life


    not cheap

  • 8. Helpful

    by: michaelmer

    Our dog had been taken here when she was lost. She had been badly injured. The hospital was keeping her comfortable. And han checked her over before we even knew she was there. They where kind and compassionate people and made my family feel as comforable as posible with the whole situation.





  • 9. Really happy witht he service...

    by: bailey

    This is one of few vets that I trust in town with my bulldogs. It's hard finding a vet that is knowledgeable about the breed... but the staff are great. My bulldogs actually enjoy going to the vet there... the vet techs get down on the ground with my dogs, play with them, and make them feel totally at home. When my American bulldog puppy was attacked by another dog, they got him into an emergency surgery right away... and he's healed up beautifully. Both he and my English bulldog have had surgery there for benign puppy tumors... and the veterinarian was great. My english bulldog was delivered there by c-section, and the staff has even made a point to take photos of him as he's grown up, etc. as though he were part of their "clinic family." They even treat his sister and her family. I couldn't recommend them more highly!


    A very personable, friendly staff...


    My dogs actually enjoy going to the vet!

  • 10. Simpathic

    by: Dtry1

    My dogs had escaped through the fence. I was looking for them, when I found Sophie at the vets office. They were very comforting and knowlegible in what medical care would've been needed. She had been hit by a train. She was a free spirt and odds were not in her favor she would ever walk again.


    Very helpful and special care for injured animal



  • 11. Good for emergency

    by: maureen

    The staff at the Kalamazoo Animal Hospital is very knowledgeable and we take our animals there when its an emergency but only if life threatening. First, they come out and take your animal to the back and then come out and talk to you. I like to be with my pet when the vet is checking out my animal since he/she might have questions that I need to answer to help diagnose the animal. The other problem I have with the service is the price. Its almost $100 to even have a pet looked at and then any test or other medications are added to the bill. The visit then becomes a $200 evening when if it was your own vet checking out the animal it would be closer to $100. I would just like to see the prices lowered just a little so that everyone can afford to get emergency care for their beloved pet.


    Easy to get to from my home


    Very overpriced