K-9 Wash & Go

628 South Main Street
Syracuse, NY 13212

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Highly recommended

    by: Redjoules

    The first time I went I had a rescue who was afraid of everything and wouldn't let me or anyone else pick him up. The staff was so helpful & patient with him. We picked a very low wash bay and coaxed him up with a treat. Each time it got easier. I'm not sure what I would have done if it wasn't for them. They have everything you need there and they clean up the mess!


    Diane is very helpful


    I wish it was right next door, so I could go more often

  • 2. Great choice for grooming options

    by: amy157

    This is a great idea. I have short hair dog that doesn't need fancy grooming, so this is a good alternative to an expensive groomer. I can wash and dry him without the hassle of cleaning my bathroom when I'm done. Everything but the dog is provided for you. Diane is an experienced groomer who will recommend the best product for your dog's needs. She is also a good resource for so many other things related to animals.


    No hassle



  • 3. Wash your dog and don't clean up!

    by: kfell

    This is an awesome set up. You walk in with a dirty dog, don an apron, put the dog on the step up sink, wash, dry and go. They have everything you need there - shampoo, conditioner, brushes, scrubbers, towels, dryers, you name it they have it.


    easy set up and no clean up


    dry the dog completely before leaving in winter

  • 4. Great way to spend some special time with your dog.

    by: saw

    K-9 Wash & Go is a perfect place to take your pet for grooming, if you want to have the hands on experience. They provide all the tools necessary for you to wash and groom your pets, in a clean and safe location. Bonus is you have experienced and knowledgable staff there to help and guide you. No longer do you have to struggle in the bathtub/shower at home, or fight to contain your pet while getting the garden hose to rinse. Here you can enjoy the fun of giving the bath, but in the ideal setting.


    You get to spend some special time with your pet.


    non that I can think of at this time.

  • 5. Great Idea!

    by: jessy918

    My dog was nervous at first but they assured me she would be fine. When I came back to get her she was so excited and happy. It is small inside, so my giant dog and the other ones there filled up the place.


    Great idea!


    Small business