K-9 kwik klip & pet resort

2454 highway 69 south
Lumberton, TX 77657
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  • 1. Deceptive charging for boarding

    by: MichLName

    We first took our two boxers here for baths and nail clipping. We were happy with their service and the pricing was fair. Shortly thereafter we took in both dogs for an overnight boarding. Both on the phone and in person I stated we would be by to pick them up the following afternoon around 3 or 4 pm. We dropped them off around 3 pm and went to pick them up the next day at 3:30 pm. Much to our surprise, they charged us for two days of boarding even though our dogs only stayed one night. When asked, we were informed that their policy was to charge for a second night if the animals were not picked up before noon. Neither on the phone, nor in person, were we informed of this. Had we known, we would have moved up our schedule and picked them up before noon. When asked, even their manager refused to admit that they should have advised us of this policy up front. At this point, all their manager had to do is admit that they should have notified us of the pickup time policy in advance and made some kind of offer to set things right. She refused to do so. … Making this policy even more ignorant, they also do doggy day care. When I asked if they could have just charged for a 4 hour day care (their minimum), their manager said they “can’t move dogs from boarding to day care.” She wouldn’t provide a reason, just that they won’t do so. Obviously their reason is so they can charge for a full extra day rather than a few additional hours. … Although unhappy about this, we decided to give them one more chance. We called the following week to have both boxers boarded on a Saturday. I said we would pick them up before noon on Sunday. Here is where it gets completely ridiculous. They are only open for pickup from 3 pm to 5 pm on Sunday. So 3 pm is the earliest we could pick them up. Yet they still charge for a second day because they can’t be picked up before noon. If they were open at noon, I could understand their sticking by their policy, no matter how unfair it may be. But since they don’t open for pickup until 3 pm on Sunday, there is no possible way they should feel justified in charging for a second day, as it is their office hours that don’t allow a pickup before noon. Greedy, plain and simple. … This is not how other boarding facilities work. I spoke with three other boarding facilities in the area, and none of them have this policy. Needless to say, we will not be using K9 Kwik Klips in the future. Count me as one extremely dissatisfied ex-customer. … And my wife sums it up very nicely “they bite.”


    Our dogs did like them


    Deceptive billing practices