Jw ferry

7 w church st
Adams, NY 13605

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  • 1. Horrible Experience

    by: ninaof2girls

    This Vet was on call last night and I don't know if she was having a bad night or what but I was referred to her by the emergency answering service so she wasn't my choice. I tried to explain that I had called Dr. Charlebois service and he was on vacation or something because my dog had picked up a tick. Before even listening to what happened she jumped all over me like Dr. Charlebois was a dirty word. I tried to explain that I removed the tick as I was told to do by the nurse and did everything as recommended. Then she jumps on me and said "There is no problem with a tick in the middle of the night". She still did not let me finish my explanation. I'm trying to get to the point in between her jumping all over me that I had purchased and applied Sergeants flea and tick liquid and that my dog was poisoned because she is choking and making clucking noises and foaming horribly at the mouth. She is pacing like she is delirious and vomiting. I told the Vet I called the Sergeants emergency number and they told me to call a Vet immediately and bath her 3 times immediately and feed her milk or chicken broth. I tried to tell the Vet I don't have a tub, only a shower and she won't get in it. She told me she couldn't be bothered giving a dog a bath in the middle of the night and to take her to Baldwinsville to an all night shampoo parlor which is at least an hour away from me and she told me and I quote "Good Luck with that" and hung up on me. In the meantime my husband and I washed her with soaking wet dish towels over and over in the kitchen and fed her the chicken broth. She was sick all night. I called Dr. Charlebois this morning and got the excellent treatment that I have always gotten and my beautiful dog and I are doing much better. I wouldn't recommend this vet to treat a cardboard box. If she doesn't want to be a vet or be on cal then turn in your license.




    Too Many too list

  • 2. Always there to help

    by: minnie24

    My husband was in the hospital and I needed to get care for my sick cat, but I wanted to be with my husband at the hospital. My regular vet wouldn't let me leave the cat for the day and pick her up later, so I called Dr. Ferry's office. Even though I wasn't a regular client, they were so kind and courteous. They took good care of Minnie that day and ever since.


    extremely helpful and knowledgeable


    None. They are wonderful