Judy's grooming

2606 s robertson blvd
Los angeles, CA
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    by: mywhitedog

    The head groomer at Judy's Pet Depot-Nicole- is AMAZING! She's the best of the best as far as I'm concerned. She leaves my dog looking amazing. I worked with her for awhile and she always manages to get the dogs looking great. She's also great at handling the dogs and cats. She's able to work with any temperament dog/cat and do a great job. She's super friendly and remembers everything about each customer. I love her because she won't do anyhting to over-stress the dogs (getting groomed is very stressful to them) and she's very considerate of their feelings. The prices are VERY reasonable compared to other grooming prices nowadays and she's pretty flexible and can help you out once you become a steady client. She's also very tidy.The only negative thing I ever noticed while there was that she does not give price quotes without first seeing the dog--but it's store policy (and it makes sense, she can't quote you $30 then get a SUPER matted dog which requires tons of extra work and still charge $30). I've seen her tackle everything from shaving a Newfoundland to helping out a crazy matted cat! She's wonderful. I love her.


    Wonderful groomer, great service!