Jose Rizal Park Off-leash Area

1008 12th Avenue S
Seattle, WA

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. From Modern Dog's city guide to Seattle...

    by: ModernDog

    The northern part of this park is a fenced, off-leash area offering a lush setting for your dog to romp, as well as a great view of Puget Sound. Should Fluffy need a bit of refreshment, a water fountain can be found on the main trail. To read more on pet friendly activities in Seattle, go to:


    great view!


    Hmm... not sure.

  • 2. Okay park

    by: JaneandBill

    This park is pretty big, but it is a little scary. It is also muddy especially in the winter. The view is great- you can see Seattle, the Olympics, and the water. It is partly fenced. Besides hte mud and scare factor, this is a good park.


    partly fenced, great view


    little scary, muddy

  • 3. Convenient location, sometimes sketchy (but you have your dog, right?)

    by: djg113

    This is a fairly large dog park located in the heart of Seattle. The dogs love it - but watch out for discarded food in the bushes (or people sleeping in the bushes!) \n\nIt's very convenient if you work downtown (and are lucky enough to bring your dog to work with you) - you can zip up to the park on a lunch break. I've been there six times - three of those times there were other dogs/dog owners, and three I was the only person there.


    Convenient location to downtown - great for those who go to work downtown with their dogs!


    By the freeway