Jolene's horse rescue

36180 valley springs road
Palmdale , CA 93550

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  • 1. Old postings for Jolene's

    by: luvpets55

    Jolene's is out of business at this Valley Springs address. Should remove the web site as it is misleading for sure.




    it is closed

  • 2. Be very wary of this animal rescue

    by: Real411

    I am not sure what the situation is regarding whether or not there is actually a horse rescue at this place. I was going to offer financial support for horses injured in the socal fires as seen on but after checking out the facility in person, I discovered that there were only a few horses on the place. The blurb on the website made me feel very sorry for the horses the way it is all written and so I wanted to see them before I sent any money in. It all looked very cluttered and run down. A person who may or may not have been the owner came out of the property and into the road and asked me what I was doing and then told me to f*** off. In further checking public records, I found that the woman who is behind this horse rescue has been sued on different occasions. People who bought horses from her had to take her to court to get their money back. Check public records and do your homework if you are thinking of donating any money at all here. You want to be sure that the money you are donating to real animal victims of fires and abuse are actually receiving the money you donate and that they really exist.


    No comment


    Negative public records

  • 3. Jolene's Horse Rescue (Great title, that's what they do!)

    by: ztT4MP63899430

    These guys love horses and would do everything in their power to help a horse in need. They are caring, kind and rest a sured, they would never cause any harm to an animal. \r\nJolene takes time out of her busy day to help answer my questions about horses and Jordan is just as caring in her response to my needing to know more about the equines that these lovely people save and nuture back to a healthy sound body and mind once again; or for the very first time, as many horses have never known love or kindness before their encounter with Jolenes' Horse Rescue. I give them a gazillion stars!! If I had a million dollars to give to a cause it would be given to them, as they deserve it, the horse's deserve it. They need the donations to help in keeping the horses well fed and well cared for as farrier service, vet service, meds and grain, hay and vitamins aren't free, they are costly and can be quite expensive. I don't know how they do it, but they manage for the horse's sake. They work their hind-ends off every day for every horse on that property and they truly deserve not only a huge pat on the back, but any amount that anyone is able to give, either monetary or in feed, halters, etc. etc. Sorry I sound like an advertisment, I just love these folks and want to help in any way possible. If you knew what they do, you'd want to help too.\r\nSincerely,\r\n\r\nCherie Chantal


    Questions are always answered in a precise, knowledgeable way.


    Haven't found any