Johnson City Dog Park

1201 Huffine Road
Johnson City, TN 37604

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Doggie Park reviewed

    by: KimmieM

    My dog loves this park. We go several times a week; and it is usually crowded. They have ample supply of bags to clean up after the dogs. Everyone is very good about this. They have a very large area that is fenced in; and even a smaller fenced area for the smaller dogs. Water fountains are situated in each area. Balls, and other toys are provided for dog play. Their application requires that all dogs be vacinated; and everyone has a key card. Because of this, I feel safer about my dog being there. The dog park is within a larger park with a walking trail, picnic areas and is very pretty. So if you want to leave the dog park area, you can take your dog in the other park as long as they are leashed. The walkway leading into the dog park is done with bricks that people have purchased in memory of their pets. The pet's names are engraved on the bricks. I am very proud of our city for having this facility for our pets and us pet parents.


    My dog loves the park and it is nearby my house


    They don't have enough benches for owners to sit down

  • 2. Great fun!

    by: brenita50

    We love this park. Great dogs and people!


    Close to home, clean, secure


    Closes at sunset

  • 3. Way to go Johnson city!

    by: Notefornote

    This is really nice, you pay a fee for the year and you get to let your dogs run with the other dogs. There's a small dog section where you can put puppies and other dogs too so they can see the dogs and get used to them gradually.


    Let your dog run with the other dogs!



  • 4. Great place to take dogs for a run!

    by: jdmartin

    This was a great idea! Volunteers basically made this happen...the dog park is part of Willow Springs Park, which is out off of West Walnut Street. There's a yearly membership fee of $35 or so for dogs, but I think it's well worth it. For the record, my dogs don't go because they're old and don't socialize that well with other dogs anymore (and I don't believe in the constant shots!), but it's nice for a place the size of Johnson City to have an amenity a lot of bigger cities don't have, and people do a good job of maintaining it. Thumbs up JC!


    Great off the leash place for your dogs


    A little off the beaten path

  • 5. Johnson City Dog Park - Thumbs up!

    by: jguinn

    After one year of service, the park continues to provide pets and people an excellent opportunity to exercise off-leash. Members-only access helps to keep the park exceptionally clean and membership fees support future planned improvements for the park. \n\nBenches have recently been installed to provide places to sit and watch as your dog(s) interacts with other dogs.\n\nThe park occupies approximately 2 acres within an established passive public park. A separate gated area is available and dedicated for small dogs.


    Members-only gated access; water fountains for dogs and humans


    No agility or playground equipment (yet)