59 east main street
Afton, NY 13730
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. way too expensive

    by: brat13838

    I used to take all my animals to jockeyport. Until I had enough. I kept having to bring my cat in for nonsence. A daily IV.... because she was dehydrated from being sick. So everyday we would bring her in and wait for the IV to finish. Which I had no problem. But to charge me everyday full price for office call and supplies, was rediculous! When you just could have admitted her and did it for a week that would have been cheaper in the long run! I have yet to meet a receptionist from there that is not always rushing and snotty. well at least 4 years ago anyway. Before I switched. I think all they are is money grabbers and dont have the decency to sit down with you and fully explain nothing. There in too much of a hurry!


    Place has very nice waiting room


    People are very short and snotty, always rushed, and VERY EXPENSIVE!