Jersey animal coalition shelter

298 walton avenue
South orange, NJ 07079

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Receptionist at JAC

    by: DogsRcool

    I was disheartened by the way a JAC receptionist spoke to a potential adoptee recently. She denied the person of a pet without basis. She spoke with the potential adoptee in the lobby area so that everyone could hear her. My husband and I were adopting a kitten at the same time, but couldn't help hearing her. (She had long fingernails and frosted hair and was of ample stature.) I have been a long supporter of JAC and was really embarrassed by her behavior. I don't know for sure, but to summarily dismiss someone like this was unkind.


    They have their hearts in the right places


    Lobby needs some fresh air

  • 2. JAC

    by: VivalaVixen86

    I love love love this shelter. Its' where i got my dog justice from. Its' always well kept and the truely have passion for loving and caring for these animals, and helping to find the best posible home for all the animals. Plus it's a no kill shelter that i've personally seen them rescue other animals from kills shelter too to avoid them from being put down.


    The educate volunteers on how to help in the rehabilation of the shelter dogs to which helps in the adoption of these animals.


    The facility is full.

  • 3. Beautiful facility

    by: Margarel

    JCAC is a beautiful shelter! I always recommend people to them. They have a wonderful selection of adoptable animals and really care about the animals.


    Very clean and gorgeous shelter



  • 4. Great Place!

    by: mandymilomarlymoo

    Visited JAC for a class with children teaching them how to treat and care for animals. Staff was knowledgeable and the animals were well fed and cared for. The fact that it is a no-kill ranks it high in my book. Great place


    Cats not caged all day


    They don't open until noon.

  • 5. Southern dogs find refuge

    by: BShack

    JAC and its staff have been helping us save lives by taking in our litters of puppies who just can't find homes here in our rural area of Virginia. They welcome them with open arms, and are always thrilled to see our puppies when they arrive, stinky and poopy, after a 7-hour transport. Hats off to Ruth, Doreen, and the staff at JAC!


    Take in "surplus" litters of puppies from VA


    Distance from VA