Jenkins dennis dvm

3417 avenue j
Santa fe, TX 77510

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Always there for you

    by: ColonelDunbar8

    Having had to call him out myself in the middle of the night and have him show up as soon as possible I can say he really cares about the animals. Having worked closely with him he is really great explaining everything and working with you to teach you about after care etc. He is really a caring vet.


    Always there for you



  • 2. The perfect vet

    by: Jamielynn100

    This is the best large animal vet in the world!! I trust him with any of my animals.


    Excellent service



  • 3. None Better

    by: RebeccaWms

    At 3 am Sunday morning - a horse down in your stall. Who do you call? Jenkins will be there. My hear of older horses needs a vet who loves them and understands their needs and Jenkins fills the bill completely. He never complains when a horse is in trouble.


    The only vet for my horses



  • 4. A truly compassionate Veterinarian

    by: readytoride

    Being new at having horses in my care, I know I tend to wonder about every little thing that they do. I do a lot of observing to learn what is normal for them so that when something is not right it will really grab my attention. I am very fortunate to be able to have the help from the people where I board and to be able to ask the wonderful people at the Habitat for Horses questions. I am more relaxed now but to have a doctor to take the time to call and check on your horse and sincerely mean it when he asks for updates is truly remarkable. Dr. Jenkins is very compassionate and cares very much for horses. He is also very kind and patient to the people who love these horses. I have called his office numerous times as well as his ER line which is his cell number and he is always very nice in explaining things, answering my questions and providing some re-assurance. He is truly worthy of all the praise he has coming and any new client who is looking for a good and honest horse doctor will delight in the treasure they find in him.


    returns calls, friendly, patinet, good to the horses


    have not been to the office

  • 5. Best Large Animal Vet Around

    by: jfinch

    There are few large animal vets that care as much about the horses as Dr. Jenkins.


    None more caring


    There is only one of him