Jefferson Animal Hospitals - Jefferson Veterinary Management Group Inc

4504 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219

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  • 1. They treated us right.

    by: fostersheila

    This hospital and its' staff did a phenomenal job in saving our dogs' life. Our 14 year old chocolate lab suffered a heat stroke. And, we were unable to find emergency veterinarian care in our area. We wasted precious time trying to find help close to us. When I called them and explained what was going on, the receptionist (yes, the receptionist!) told us exactly what to do to save Buster. No, I wasn't put on hold...they acted immediately. After beginning the life saving measures to lower his body temperature, my husband loaded him up and drove 50 miles to the hospital. Someone came out to help get Buster out of the car. And, they took him straight back and began working on him. Buster was very ill. He had to stay overnight. And, they assured us we could call anytime to check on him. On the first phone call, I was put on hold and when they came back I told them I was calling long distance. They immediately gave me a toll free number and said to call right back. With each call, and we made a reassure our children that Buster was okay, they gave us a complete run through of his vitals. It was very reassuring for the entire family.\r\nThe next morning, we talked directly to the Vet over the phone. We were given a time to call back after labs were completed. It was at the later call, that we were given a pick up time. When we arrived to get Buster, everyone was very friendly. They had all his meds and special diet food ready to go. The dog we picked up was weak and tired, but there was a world of difference in him from the day before. He continues to recover remarkably at home. We highly recommend this hospital in emergencies\r\nWe were a bit taken back by the bill. The original treatment plan, had included the estimate for a scope to check for laryngeal paralysis and it was $500-$1000 (for everything in a 24 hour period). But, the sedation and scope was not performed and our bill was $935.12. It was a bit of a shock that our bill ended up being so high when the procedure had been quoted to us in original estimates but was not performed.\r\nBut, overall, we can't complain. We still have Buster and he is getting better by the day. We are very grateful for their care.


    gave Buster great care, treated family with respect


    it was costly....but, our guy lived