Jasper Animal Hospital

1361 Forest Park Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

    by: catladyd13

    What an awful place!!!! I have never and will NEVER take any of my animals here!!!!! To hear on the news that a poor elderly dog could be put down because of an incompetent, whiney vet tech getting a bite made my blood boil! To think the vets that work here are backing her in her pathetic persuit for money is just wrong. What kind of "vet" is this? Obviously this clinic cares more about money than the wellfair of it's clients. I hope that anyone who thinks of taking their beloved pets here rethinks it! No caring clinic would have an animal put down for a mistake made by an employee, for that matter, most clinics won't have an animal put down for a bite that wasn't cause by an incompetent employee. Most vets seem to understand this is a professional risk you take dealing with scared, sick animals that can't simply tell you where it hurts.





  • 2. Veterinarian Who Cares

    by: cped9s

    Four years ago, I was introduced through one of the technicians at Jasper Animal Hospital to a kitten that had been rescued through the Recycled Critter Program, from that moment my heart was lost, and I adopted this poor tiny creature. In the first month of his life he almost died, I made a call to Dr. Dodge at 6:00pm and by 6:15pm he had my cat at the clinic. Four years later, and this cat has become the most important animal in my life. If not for Dr. Dodge and Jasper I wouldn’t have my beloved pet today. Since then I have discovered that Dr. Dodge is not only knowledgeable and terrific with pets, but he also involves himself with Grey Hound Rescue, as well as helping raise funds for other Animal Charities. The entire staff are always positive and genuinely care about their clients and the welfare of their pets. Not once have I felt that my concerns were not being taken seriously. If you are looking for a veterinarian who takes your animals health as seriously as you do, then Jasper Animal Hospital is the place.


    Amazing Staff


    Distance from Home

  • 3. Dangerous Vet Clinic

    by: SBsb

    Do your research! This clinic prosecutes people who's animals get scared and bite a tech. They can be euthanised for it in the city of Lafayette! I have to ask- if your fabulous dentist was convicted of raping a patient, would you continue to go to him because he has been such a great dentist? I mean, really, a huge lack of character completely devalues this Vet clinic's talents, whatever they may be. (And just because they haven't attacked your pet YET, it doesn't mean it won't happen, and then how will you feel?) If you really love your pet, do as you would for yourself, and find a new vet!




    Prosecute Pet Owners!

  • 4. Love the name of the Vet clinic. I believe it was names after Dr. Dodge's dog

    by: Stellarae

    Dr. Dodge and his capable staff are very knowledgeable and always keeps their clients informed of what is going on. Dr. Dodge will call you the next day to see how your pet is doing after his visit or after surgery.\r\n\r\nJasper Animal Clinic is a very friendly place to visit with your animal. \r\n\r\nThe staff at Jasper always makes sure that you are getting the best treatment for your animal no matter what. \r\n\r\nDr. Dodge donates a lot of his time and services to pet organizations. He donates medicines, his surgical time and staff to a stray animal or an injured animal or to a pet rescue group. \r\n\r\nThis facility is amazing and so are the folks that run it!


    Dr. Dodge and his staff ALWAYS takes tiem to talk to you about anything that might be on your mind about your pet, or just on your mind. They make house calls if you have a fussy cat that does not like doing in the car. They are all about making sure that you can get the very best care for your animal no matter the cost. In other words, if you don't have the money they work with you on that,making sure that your animal gets the care that theyneed


    Some times they get pretty busy, which is a good thing for them but a bad thing for someone trying to get in to see them.

  • 5. Dr. Dodge is the best

    by: fatgizmo

    Dr. Dodge is the best vet I've been to. He is helpful, doesn't run unnecessary tests, often doesn't charge me for medicines other vets would charge for. He follows up several times, often after hours. I fostered a shelter cat who needed treatment and it was on the house! Other vets I've been to, I couldn't walk out without spending $400 or more, Dr. Dodge could charge way more than he does!


    Dr. Dodge is generous and knowledgable



  • 6. The best vet around

    by: shireen

    Dr Dodge and his crew are amazing-he has taken blood outside in the grass because my dog was more comfortable there. He has answered his cell phone on numerous occasions after hours for me. He never pushes any treatments that they don't need. You know he really cares, I would drive hours to go to him! (I would drive 2 hours to go to this clinic!)


    real loving care


    1/2 hour drive for me but it's worth it

  • 7. Wonderful place

    by: dolce

    I use to take my animals here when i lived in Boulder. They saw my rats, my dog, and my cat. The people there were always very warm and friendly. They took good care of my animals too. The vet always seemed to know what was wrong, and never ran unnecessary tests or prescribe frivilous medication. They were affordable too. I loved going here.\r\nI now live in Littleton and have been searching for a vet as good as this one. After the service I've gotten around here, i'm very tempted to just make the drive up to Jasper!


    comfortable, clean, affordable, knowledgable


    too far from me!