Janet forrer

5635 north swan road
Tucson, AZ 85718

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  • 1. Janet Forrer, Veterinarian

    by: helgawaslove

    Janet Forrer is the kindest and most capable veterinarian I have ever had. She uses both traditional and "alternative" medicine. She treated my precious lab with acupuncture for the last two years of her life, even coming to my house when my dog could no longer make the trip to the clinic for her treatments. She was at all times extremely kind and attentive to both my dog and me. Without her to see me through my dog's last moments of life, it would have been unbearable. She now gives equally good treatment to my goldendoodle pup. Along with great veterinary medical skill Janet has a fantastic sense of humor!


    Compassionate, responsive, practices both western and oriental medicine


    Absolutely NONE