Jamestown Veterinary Hospital - Small Animal

236 Fluvanna Avenue
Jamestown, NY 14701

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  • 1. Vet knowledge beyond compare!

    by: DBMSZ

    We had a Siberian Husky for almost 14 years. She started to fail at the beginning of her 14th year. She was taken to our vet at the time and they discovered a tumor on her bladder. Unfortunately, the outlook was not good. They gave her little time and not a lot of hope. We felt it was just her time and made her as comfortable as possible. Talking with a very knowledgable friend, she suggested another opinion and referred us to Jamestown Vet Hospital. After a long look at Nikita and some tests we found out so much more about her condition,she was given a med that would slowly stop the tumor from growing. In medical terms it was called a transistional cell carcinoma and had grown substantially within a week and a half. They gave her 6 months to a year left. Her condition improved and she stopped having accdents in the house. She became very spunky,almost puppy like at times and her appetite came back. We had her another seven months. Had we not sought a second opinion,we would have lost her much sooner. The vet we saw was so thorough,he didn't rush us,he spent over an hour with us and seemed to really care and want to help us to the best of his ability! Diagnostically, this vet hospital is #1 in my book!


    Up to date diagnostic equipment with intelligent, caring vets.