James Island County Park Off Leash Dog Area

871 Riverland Drive
Charleston, SC 29412

User Reviews (3)


    by: MomPeeples

    This park is a wonderful place for dogs of all shapes and sizes to romp and play. Plenty of room for running and ball chasing. Two beach areas allow the "water dogs" plenty of easy access and the water is around on all three sides so LOTS of not-so-easy access. They just added two new benches and left the four picnic tables. Now if we can just get some shade. I will upload a video that shows a good panoramic view of the park. forgive my skills - I am still learning.


    Lovely huge park, fence and water contain the dogs


    too far away from my home

  • 2. Huge - dogs love it

    by: BradleyJenkins

    I went here last weekend with Bradley. It's huge. Bradley liked to swim in the lake. There were a ton of other people and dogs. I know this may sound picky, but it might almost be too big because there aren't a lot of doggie poo bag posts, it took me, like,10 minutes to locate one/walk to it/re-find my dog's poo to pick it up/walk back and throw it away. I will go here once every two weeks or so because it's a little further than the one in Palmetto Islands and Bradley doesn't care, as long as there are dogs (there aren't a lot of dogs at Palmetto Islands, but there were at least 100 dogs at James Island) Either way, Bradley had a lot of fun and was able to run around like a maniac and swim. It was entertaining!


    A lot of open space, lake access, lots of dogs


    too big (pros can be cons) b/c of trash and bag access

  • 3. great place

    by: jaggedhorses

    I haven't been since they've added the gate and renovated it, but even before then it was a great place for you and your dog to socialize.


    newly renovated, tons of space, place to swim


    no separate small v large dog areas