Jacksonville animal shelter

217 s. redmond road
Jacksonville, AR 72076
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Huge hearts, small paws!

    by: homealonebored123

    I can say only good things about the Jacksonville Animal Shelter. I have been taking my 4 children up there to play with the animals for about ten years and the ladies that work there are wonderful. They take the time to explain all of the information available on the animal, what problems the animal may have, they even allow you to bring your pet up ther to meet the new pet before adoption. All of that and then you add in the great bedside manner, friendliness, and sincerity and there you have it "the best step for an animal on the way up." \r\nI have personally adopted 3 dogs from this particular shelter (all 3 listed in my profile) and have recently become a foster mother to a kitten (looks to be persian, grey in color and goes up for adoption 11/13/07 and a week old puppy who has a home as soon as he is old enough. If you want to volunteer, become a foster parent, or are looking for a new family member, go check them out. Great work ladies!


    The ladies at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter are friendly, personable, and sincere. To me that means so much!!


    One of the only cons is that this shelter is located inside a city where there are breed specific bans.