Jackson county humane society

23354 dark hollow road
Maquoketa, IA 52060
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Hard Working Small Shelter

    by: jodykman

    The Jackson County Humane Society is a no-kill no-refusal shelter. Dogs and cats will remain and be taken care of (walking, socializing, all vet care, food, water, and lots of love) until they are adopted. There are few paid employees. The board members and volunteers are involved in all aspects, events, shelter needs and care of approx. 28 dogs and 35 cats at the shelter (including financially funding with their own money). As you can see, this is a very compassionate and generous group of people involved in Jackson County Humane Society. Remember that huge amounts of personal time and money is used to keep the shelter going for the safety and wellbeing of the dogs and cats. Any kind of help they get would be greatly appreciated. JCHS is a non-profit organization that relies mostly on the generousity of compassionate people donating money, volunteering their professional services. Being a non-profit your donations are tax deductable. JCHS provides safe shelter, nutrition and health care, spay/neutering, social interaction, love and lots of cuddling for dogs and cats until we can find a loving permanent home for them. The prices are very reasonable, and obviously do not even cover their costs of caring for the animals. Dogs are only $70. Cats are only $55. Adoption fees include Spay/neuter surgery, Up-to-date vaccinations, with voucher for rabies. You really can't go wrong adopting from Jackson County Humane Society. And all monetary donations go mostly to the care of the dogs and cats...not to administration costs and wages. Please help this shelter as best as you can, their main priority is for the cats and dogs in their care.


    No-Kill, No-Refuse


    Need more help and finances

  • 2. Small shelter doing the best they can

    by: midwestwoman

    This shelter, in rural Maquoketa, Iowa does not get a lot of traffic and has limited hours of operation. The shelter is located on a farm with an onsite caretaker. The volunteer staff seem to care about the animals and do the best they can. I would encourage anyone who can to volunteer to help this shelter in any way they can. They do monthly adoption fairs at the PetSmart in Dubuque and need people to transport and sit with the dogs on the weekends. They also need dog walkers and volunteers to socialize the cats.


    Adoption fees; hours of operation


    Lack of funds and volunteers

  • 3. this shelter needs help

    by: bgleason

    this shelter needs help some of the animals have little to no protection from the elements and they expect those that try to help to do everything instead of hiring someone