Islip animal shelter

210 denver avenue
Bay shore, NY 11706
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Trying to make a difference

    by: Studmuffin

    This is a great little shelter that also does animal control. Tough situation because there are always so many pits or pit mixes available for adoption and not enough homes. Just wish more people would spay their own animals so they didn't end up here.


    All animals are spayed or neutered before placement


    need more room

  • 2. Compassionate People

    by: animaldaddy

    The folks at the Islip Animal Shelter are great people. \r\nThey have been there for us when we needed help w/ some difficult people who aren't animal people.\r\nWe are all grateful for all their hardwork & concern.\r\nThey are one of the best animal advocates out there.


    Friendly,Knowwledgeable, Understanding


    Not Open 24/7

  • 3. Islip Shelter Angels

    by: AnimalAvenger

    The Islip Animal Shelter has touched my heart & life. \r\nAn amazing group of people work here. \r\nEveryone is so compassionate & they are one of a kind.


    Nothing But Pros


    I Can't Take All The Babies Home

  • 4. Nice people

    by: sunris809

    I had experience with this shelter, as one of my dogs got out of our yard and was missing overnight. We looked for him for hours all over our neighborhood. The next morning, I called the shelter to see if he was picked up. They said no, but they kept getting calls about a little white dog (possibly ours) on the side of a main parkway not far from our house! I went into panic mode and frantically drove up and down that parkway looking for this dog-they had also sent a truck to look for him too. Neither one of us to find the dog people were talking about. I was so upset and afraid my dog was going to be hurt! They stayed on the phone with me the whole time, obviously caring about the well being of my dog. They suggested I go down there a few hours later to see if anyone brings him in or if their animal control trucks find him. Needless to say that they did pick him up about ten blocks from my house (not the same dog on the parkway...who by the way was never caught or hurt on the parkway). He was scared and nervous - but he was FINE! They treated him well, and were very kind to me. I thank them every day that my dog was returned to me unharmed.


    helpful employee's