Island Veterinary Clinic

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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. bruised 11 pound dog

    by: ztT4MP23974611

    i took my 8 year old 11 pound dog for a bath and got her back covered in bruises and abrasions. Obviously I've taken her to get baths, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal glands etc... MANY times before, hello she's 8 years old. i used to take her to another vet to get baths, because i was told other groomers aren't to be trusted, and I never saw any kind of bruising or scratches, or anything like what I saw on my dog. So i called my former vet and asked, is this normal and did you ever have any trouble with her to cause you to use force which may result in bruising.. the answer was, no completely abnormal to see bruising after a bath and that she was an angel, which I already knew. My dog is quiet, sweet and calm and has always been easy to manage, when i bathed her or when someone else did or any other aspect of her behavior. so listen, not only will I complain about the poor treatment and results of this experience I highly advise you to think about taking you pet somewhere else. Less importantly the facilities are small and unsanitary, the staff is rude and unfriendly and didn't seem like "animal lovers" in addition to be insensitive about my special request to not leave my dog sitting in a cage for an hour before bathing her. And in a side note I called twice to make and confirm the appointment and still my arrival was completely unexpected. Too bad, I wish I could have saved my dog from whatever rough handling she had to entail.


    can't think of any


    unfriendly and unprofessional staff

  • 2. Wonderful!

    by: tal790

    Dr. Eastman is a wonderful vet. He is one of the most caring men I've ever met. I am not so crazy about the staff.


    Dr. Eastman is amazing


    Staff not so..