Irving animal care campus

4140 valley view lane
Irving, TX 75038
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. need more volunteers

    by: 359doran

    a shelter trying hard to care for animlas in this city!


    trying hard


    need money and help

  • 2. Working to improve

    by: doran359

    Iring is trying to serve it's citizen and animals well. They need more fund and volunteers to make progress though.


    Trying hard


    Need money and volunteers

  • 3. Oreo was adopted thru the Irving Animal Shelter

    by: Atecck6

    The shelter is very nice and I ranked it high for this. We adopted our baby Oreo a cattle dog mix from the shelter. She is a wonderful dog and we love her very much. She came to us when the shelter was having problems with an outbreak of distemper and kennel cough(which could happen at any shelter!) Oreo came down with it and we almost lost her, but we got her the vet services she needed and she is now well and happy! I think anyone adopting should understand the risks, but I would have no problem adopting at Irving again.


    Nice and good staff


    Our dog was very sick

  • 4. Workng hard to improve

    by: FernandoAguilar

    Irving is making great improvements, it will be even better when the new shelter is finished.


    Much improved with new management


    Still working with old building

  • 5. Irving Animal Shelter Volunteer

    by: catscrazy

    I have personally volunteered at this shelter. They need more help with volunteers and even paid shelter staff. They need caring people that will make sure all the animals are cared for all the time. They always seem to be shorthanded with staff and don't have as many volunteers as a City the size of Irving could provide. \n\nThe City is in the works to have a new shelter built that will make life for these unwanted pets better. \n\nThe City needs to get into the modern age and give computer access to the volunteers so that they may help in clerical duties as well. \n\nFred Sanderson is doing a good job and making a lot of necessary changes. Some of the staff could make more of an effort to help with the animals.\n\nOne of the few shelters that provides a full time vet for the animals that come through daily.


    Hours of service and adoption fee


    Kill shelter and lack of enough shelter help

  • 6. they finally doing it right

    by: poundpup1973

    I recently read in the news where Irving a/c has a new leader Fred Sanderson. I have known him for many yrs and worked closely with him when i worked at the DFW Humane Society we use to rescue pets from his shelter in Grandprairie and he was an awesome director and i have no doubt in my mind he will defintly change things for the animals that come into his shelter as he did when in Gp.\r\nKeep up the great work!!!


    they have a great leader