Idaho humane society

4775 dorman street
Boise, ID
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Homeless dogs should not be sold

    by: imdamom

    Homeless shelters exist for one reason in my mind. To help locate homes for unwanted animals. While I understand the need to charge for adopting an animal, I find it sad that a shelter feels the need to charge as much for a homeless animal as a breeder would. This shelter has adopted the policy to charge higher fees for certain breeds, sizes, traits, and demand. It is not uncommon to see homeless dogs in the shelter with an adoption fee of $200 to $300. They have kept the fees for undesirable (like pitbulls) or older dogs reasonable to make them more attractive. Their reasoning is that they need the extra money from certain dogs to be able to house more dogs. I thought all dogs deserved a home and that all good homes should be able to afford to adopt a home. I don't think this makes them much better than a pet store.\r\n\r\nThe only plus I can really give them is they do make an effort to rescue and rehabilitate dogs.


    Large facility, attached store and clinic


    impersonal, not adoption friendly