Huron county humane society

246 woodlawn ave (state route 18)
Norwalk , OH 44857

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. awsome

    by: cromag

    on a scale from 1-10 i give the whole staff a 20





  • 2. HCHS

    by: ztT4MP10069542

    Get some new people on the board & can Ken & Keep his wife out of there then things MIGHT improve. Get people in there that actually care about the animals and wanna help them.


    pro's HAHAHAHAHA


    Blue Juice happy & Ken is a waist

  • 3. Delightful Rural Shelter

    by: LadyMich21

    The shelter is very clean and the employees do a great job of caring for the animals - but the customer service still needs work. Realizing that caring for homeless animals day after day - watching them come in often times in not great condition, then nursing them back to health, then watching them go out the door is difficult - and also knowing that all too often the person calling in is doing so because they expect the Shelter employee to be responsible for the persons lack of responsibility (the shelter employee hears about how the pet owner didn't expect the dog to get so big and now is very upset because the over crowded shelter can't take in the poor big dog) and other such calls. \n\nBut, when someone who supports the Shelter calls with a concern - responding that there's nothing the Shelter employees can do is generally not the best response. So while they do one of the most important things very well - animal care - there's a need to learn how to work with and communicate with the public.


    Very clean and takes great care of the animals in the shelter


    Not always helpful when people call in