Huron Animal Hospital

8840 Huron Street
Denver, CO 80260

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Friendly informative doctors, new building, clean!

    by: jasespots

    We went to this office from the beginning when it was a small older building. We always get knowledgeable staff who seem to care for our furkids as if they were their own. Except for one receptionist who doesn't like cats, everyone else is great!


    They will take questions over the phone, great service!


    About average price

  • 2. Huron Veternarians

    by: bcrazibear

    My house vet doesn't do some things-x-rays, dental, surgeries, and I take my "kids" to Huron when these things are needed. \r\nThe doctors there are wonderful and have always given their full attention to my "kids". \r\nI recently had to take my baby, he was 9, in because he was just not feeling right. We saw Dr. Jones who did x-rays and found a mass. It was our first meeting with Dr. Jones and while she gave me the news that it was not a good prognosis, she was almost as upset as I was. I went in and had some time with Clyde and then while she was administering the drugs, she was crying with me. \r\nIts a very hard thing to have to put one of your "babies" down, but even harder for the doctors and techs. They love animals as much as we do and when this happens, it could be the only one in a month or the 2nd or 3rd or more in a day.\r\nThey were so good and supportive, taking care of me and Clyde. \r\nThey are a good bunch of people and they are always my back up vets or emergency vets when needed.


    Caring people



  • 3. Great People!

    by: Scorpio1030

    The people here are very friendly and knowledgeable. Their pricing for large breeds is pretty expensive, but for the way the procredures are done, it is definately worth it. They are up to date with the technology and definately know their animals. I recommend this clinic to anyone who lives nearby, or even if they don't mind the travel.


    Very smart employees, Friendly


    Could be expensive for larger breeds, Well anywhere I guess!