Huntington county humane society

390 thurman poe way
Huntington, IN 46750
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. claymar76

    by: claymar76

    The building was built in the 70's and accommodated the number of animals for that time, however the population of Huntington County has grown substantially over the years, as well as the animal population. The Huntington Humane Shelter is the same size except for the garage added on. No additional pens for animals have been added to existing building!!! The building has been slowly deteriorating over the years. These animals deserve a new safe home while awaiting their owners to reclaim or new family to adopt!!! We need your help in giving them a comfortable safe haven!!!


    The Care and Love of the Animals, first priority


    Building is outdated and is deteriorating/less safe.

  • 2. Huntington County Humane Shelter Needs Your Help!

    by: flintridgefarms

    This shelter was built in the 1970's and is as good as it can be for its size. The size of the shelter, however, does not match the growth of the county. As is, it is way too small to meet Huntington's needs.\n\nThe staff works very hard for their beloved animals, and they deserve a makeover for their shelter!


    Very clean, and staff knows& loves their animals


    Too small

  • 3. Need Help...

    by: pat

    The shelter was built in 1972 and is in very much in need of being improvement. Actually a new building, more up to date and safer is needed. We have added "bans aid" after "band aid", they no longer help. \r\n The heros in the mix are the employees. They keep it as clean and home as possible, which is a tall order. Every animal knows love and compassion from the moment they enter into the crumbing walls.\r\nThese people go consitencely un-noticed and un-appreciated by the community.\r\n \r\n


    Very friendly and work hard everyday to improve the lives of all animals.


    Faciltiy very small and very much in need of improvement