Humane society of wichita county

4360 old iowa park P.o. box 3648
Wichita falls, TX 76301
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. My parents dog

    by: skiprincess

    My parents adopted their dog Peppy from the shelter. They were very pleased with the staff and the adoption process. The shelter has gone through some great changes, all for the better. I also adopted my Black Lab Jetta from the shelter before the new staff and changes took over. It is much better now. My parents and I have wonderful dogs. It was much harder for me to get Jetta home with the old staff.


    very helpful and caring


    need more funds and room

  • 2. Big Improvement

    by: PJWood

    My husband and I adopted our dear Jesse from this shelter and it was going through new changes at the time. We could not be happier with the services compared to the past when we tried to adopt. Everyone at this shelter now are so helpful and really care about keeping and finding homes for these animals. The community truely seems to support this shelter. They have improved the facilities and have added a cat house and the dog kennels are a great place now for the doggies. I would adopt all their cats if I could but these great folks are doing a swell job.


    Soceity has come a long way


    need more funds

  • 3. Love our pets

    by: jimll

    We get our pets from our Humane Society here in Wichita County. They are so helpful and make it a very happy time. Adoptions are very easy and pain free. We have adopted several times and will do so again. I can't say enough for the work they do and can't wait to retire so I can begin volunteering there. Hope they can get some help.


    They are so ready to help you choose the right pet for you and make the animals readily available for you to get to know


    Can't see any other than they need a new, larger facility