Humane society of westmoreland county

P.o. box 1552
Greensburg, PA 15601
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. awesome shelter

    by: lianerajter

    I would really love to see this shelter made over. These animals deserve it. What else could a small town ask for.\r\ncome on guys.........


    awesome shelter, great people


    too small. despirately needs more room.

  • 2. A shelter worth helping

    by: ScottNDavid

    The shelter is worthwhile--but can be inundated with take-ins at times. Too bad!


    The staff tries hard!


    Just too overwhelmed at times!

  • 3. It is small, caring and has knowledgeable people

    by: AnneM

    My co-workers sister works here and I have met some of the workers and volunteers. They are a good, caring bunch, but probably need to do some long range planning and get some real strategies for expansion, funding, volunteer opportunities,etc.


    They are caring and try real hard, but it is small.


    Too small, not enough staff and space to expand

  • 4. Westmorland county Humane society

    by: Mscherry08

    This is an around good shelter. The biggest problem is that they get so full that they trun away needy dogs and cats becuse they have no room.this money would help them, help more animals.\r\nThis shelter is clean and the staff is gr-8


    good care is taken to make sure it is a good shelter


    Turns down homeless dogs and cats

  • 5. Very Low Kill, Great Clinic Services

    by: RichStoops

    This is a good shelter that just needs some help in the development department. They obviously care a great deal for the animals, have some great staff and volunteers, offer great low cost clinic services to the public and impose no time limits on the stays of their furry residents. My only quibbles have ever been that their shelter hours are pretty short and erratic, thus limiting who can visit and therefore adopt. Also, their facilities need a major overhaul/update.


    Great low cost clinic services, very low kill


    Location, very short hours