Humane society of tulsa

6808 s. memorial
Tulsa, OK 74133
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Mhurricane985's review

    by: mhurricane985

    I think they have great volunteers and staff. I would like to work there sometime.


    They keep the pups in the back so the elders get a better chance at a good life


    It is kind of smaller

  • 2. HST - the best it can be!

    by: ccoop11

    i had the pleasure of volunteering many hours to HST when i was in high school. it was one of the most rewarding experiences i have ever had. one of the many incredible things about this shelter is that they are a no-kill shelter. this is a very difficult feat in itself. they do not turn animals away. for any reason. they were involved in rescuing many of the unclaimed pets from hurricane katrina, physically drove to LA and other affected areas, to rescue animals in need. we were swamped with crates stacked upon crates during that time. full ABOVE capacity and took whatever we could. the staff is what makes this shelter special. they are looking out for the animals and pride themselves on placing these animals in worthy homes. their first priority is the animals and that is what it should be. i applaud HST for their continuous work in animal welfare. they are a source of endless joy for me


    clean, no-kill, great location


    need more volunteers!

  • 3. Poor Choice

    by: bricespice

    I agree that anyone who rescues animals is doing a great service. However, you got to look at the pro's and con's.\r\nHST says they are no kill, but I have experienced them putting down animals, not only because of health reasons but also due to simple behavorial issues. I have witnessed many donaters and vet's pull their services from this organization due to theri actions.\r\nHST visits dog auctions and has the ability to rescue dogs who are in horrible conditions. I strnogly commend them on their efforts for this. These animals need more rescue organizations, actually rescuing them.\r\nI am not sure why their adoption fee's are so high. When I first found out about them, their fees were $75. Now they are $150-$300. Yes, they vaccinate these dogs and they have costs. But a lot of times people willing give their dogs to HST, already vaccinated and fixed, but they still charge a high adoption fee for these "designer dogs"


    Clean, Vaccinated, Neuters/Spayed, Open daily


    High adoption fees, not in pet stores anymore, In it for the money

  • 4. Do everything they can

    by: rlhime

    Humane Society of Tulsa is trying everything they can to find forever homes for unwanted animals in Tulsa. They work closely with rescue groups and the city animal control to help make Tulsa no-kill.


    they try everything