Humane society of the treasure coast, incorporated

4100 southwest leighton farm avenue
Palm city, FL 34990
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Gorgeous Facility Friendly Very Clean

    by: bluemorfo

    Love this place--have never seen one that was so clean, spacious, and with a staff that genuinely cares about the animals they shelter. They have rooms for you to sit down and get acquainted with the animal you are interested in. The application process is quick -- they seem to know alot about the animal that is in question. One staff member went out of her way to keep in touch with me and I was able to phone her and ask questions about a guinea pig I adopted, and was able to help out alot. They should have more facilities like this--VERY CLEAN, VERY CARING.


    clean, spacious, great caring staff, friendly


    They don't do too much background checks on people/why they want the animal in the first place

  • 2. Amazing!

    by: amonchick

    This shelter truly is amazing. The volunteers are friendly and very concerned for the animals. Huge facility with a memorial zen garden for lost loved ones and even has a training center in the back.


    Clean, beautiful, animals are treated very well



  • 3. Beautiful!

    by: bunnydaddy

    I had to drive down to Treasure Coast to pick up a rabbit I was transporting to Georgia for them. This place is only a few years old and is just stunningly beautiful. The grounds and buildings are immaculate and the animals appear very well cared for.


    clean, friendly