Humane society of the lakes

P.o. box 1506
Detroit lakes, MN 56501
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. great place

    by: paawsrocks

    Who could think of puting an amimal who is not even sick to sleep.And keeping them in a cages and letting them one time a day harsh.


    nice place



  • 2. Heard great things about shelter

    by: WandaLou

    I never new where this place was located but by being on here I have learned alot about it. Now I will be taking my daughter with me to check it out & maybe have another place to volunteer at. The more places the better.


    Not to far from where I live.


    Never been there but will come spring

  • 3. Beautiful Facility--too restrictive placement policies

    by: DebraMeow

    When I first visited this shelter, I was amazed at how well it was laid out and designed. I especially liked how you could view the dogs through a large glass window area that separated you from the kennels. There was a hallway between the glass window/viewing area and the the dog kennel gates. You could hear the dogs barking and see them, but you weren't right up against their kennel cages. The dogs were also able to access an outside area in the back of their kennels. The cat area had some group housing where the cats get to be taken out of their solo cages during the day and can climb around on a scratching post and play with toys. There was a separate room for the younger cats and kittens, which was chaotic with kitten play when they were awake--to be expected as kittens will be kittens. I loved being able to handle the kittens and watch them play. The room was a bit small, though. Then came the real moment of truth. I tried to adopt a kitten and was rejected as being an unsuitable home. This really irritated me. I was told that I have too many cats. Well, who is to say how many is too many? My cats live in a cat castle compared to any animal shelter. They are loved, fed, sheltered and receive vet care. What humane societies need to understand is that the "ideal" home isn't always attainable. And the definition of an ideal home varies from person to person. I asked to see the vet records on this particular kitten, and the person at the front desk was a volunteer, but knew very little about what was written on the form. I was told that I would have to come back when the vet tech was there to get my questions answered. This particular kitten did find his way to the Fargo Petsmart, and I made a monetary contribution to decrease his adoption fee so that he would finally get a home. I hope that he was well placed. I got past my hurt and disappointment (not to mention how upset my daughter was that he wouldn't be joining our family) in order to assist this kitten in finding his forever home. If the adoption fee is such a deterrent to getting an animal adopted, then it makes me wonder if that person can afford to feed, house and provide vet care for the little guy. He still needed to be neutered. I was financially prepared to pay his adoption fee and pay for his neuter. This human society might need to re-examine its placement policies and get more information on a prospective adopter before rejecting that person outright on one criterion. Come to my home before you decide it is unsuitable for one more cat.


    Clean, new and well-designed facility


    Phone calls aren't returned in a timely manner